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Theater of Design $1000 Giveaway

Finally, you can receive some well-deserved recognition! At Theater Seat Store, we understand the months and months of hard work and financial investment you put into developing a magnificent Home Theater. Now that your concept has finally become a reality, let us celebrate with you by offering a free tray table and a chance to win $1000.00 gift certificate good for any product in our store.

How to enter:

Submit a digital snapshot of your home theater through our online system. (link) Please be sure to include your name and full contact information including mailing address. Every legitimate entry will receive a free tray table ($65.00 value) and be given a chance to have your home Cinema judged by our design team for the chance to receive $1000.00 gift certificate for use in our e-tail store.

Contest Rules

  • Contestants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Entries must be the legitimate properties of the submitting party.
  • Professional or Commercial Designers are not eligible to enter this contest.
  • Entries must be submitted between April 1 and April 30th 2010. All submissions will be judged by our internal design team, and a winner will be contacted by email or telephone.

Common Questions

What constitutes a legitimate entry?

Entry must be of your dedicated home theater. Determination as to whether your room qualifies as a dedicated home theater is solely up to the discretion of Theater Seat Store's design team. In order to receive your free tray table and be entered in this contest, pictures of your dedicated home theater must be submitted along with all required information.

Can I submit a picture of my living room, family room, or recreation room?

You may submit pictures of these rooms ONLY if they have been deemed a dedicated home cinema room with cinema seating, large screen or projection screen television. Rooms with typical living room furniture will not be eligible to receive a free tray table or be entered in the contest for the grand prize of $1000.00.

If I had my room professionally designed am I still eligible to enter?

Yes, you may enter your own home theater regardless of who designed it. The purpose behind restricting professional designers from entering is to allow everyone an equal opportunity toward winning the grand prize, and prevent the entering of someone else’s home design as a personal entry.

How does the judging take place?

Our exceptional design team will look at each photograph individually and choose our favorite Home Cinema design.

Do I have to purchase something from your store in order to enter?

Absolutely no purchase is necessary to enter the contest.

Submit your digital snapshot here


By submitting this form, I affirm that any photographs submitted by me are of my personal home theater, and as such assume responsibility for the legitimacy of their origin. I authorize Interiormark, Llc, DBA Theater Seat Store to use my photographs and name for promotional purposes. I understand that if I am selected as the contest winner, Interiormark, Llc will display my name, story, city, state, and photographs on any website owned by Interiormark, Llc , or social networking site deemed official by our organization.