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Room Packages and Everything Else

Room Packages and Everything Else

When designing a home theater, choosing the right room and seating are just the beginning of what you’ll need. To create an amazing environment that is reminiscent of classic movie theaters, you’ll need home theater accessories. Here at, you’ll find a great selection of home movie theater decor that’s available for you to purchase online. We offer a great deal with our complete “Theater in a Box” room designs, which are available at a fraction of the cost found anywhere else. In addition, we also sell items such as popcorn machines, seat-shakers, trays, consoles, and many other great accessories that you’ll want to add to your home theater decorations.

Many of the accessories that we have for sale on our site will complement your dedicated home theater. Additionally, movie theater home decor may even be used in your living room to bring the movie experience closer to home. Many of these products are in stock and are available for immediate shipment. Please contact our sales associates with any questions: We’d be happy to help!

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