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2010 Web Excellency Awards for AV and Technical sites brought to you by Theater Seat Store

AV and Technical
Some AV blogs delve deep into technical information. This award highlights those technical sites that share this helpful information with the average layman.

AV and Technical Blogs

The audiovisual field is home to people who are experts at things the general population know next to nothing about. The finer details in this field are often referred to as “technical” by both those who know and those who aren’t, as the technology involved is often a mystery for one and a blueprint for another.

Some blogs choose to focus on the “technical” as well, and one of the main measures of greatness in this area is whether or not the writer knows what they are talking about; the award winning ones you see below fulfil this criteria to an unprecedented level. With a little faith in these blogs, we laymen will perhaps learn more of these audiovisual and technical mysteries, and have a tremendous time doing so. Be prepared to enlighten yourself and perhaps answer a few nagging and long-held technical questions by visiting our award winners below.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • www.satelliteav.com/
  • www.vdctrading.com/
  • www.avtechsource.com/
  • www.monolithmodular.com/
  • www.bouncemultimedia.com/
  • www.avscorp.net/
  • www.avrak.com/
  • www.fordav.com/
  • www.avtg.com/
  • www.showtec.co.uk/
  • www.lmg.net/corp/
  • www.firstcomminc.net/
  • www.sigav.com/
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