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2010 Web Excellency Awards for AV Design sites brought to you by Theater Seat Store

AV Design
Looking for some help in designing your ultimate home theater? This award showcases the best AV Design sites that are chock full of ideas.

AV Design

You may have a few clues on how to design an audiovisual system and possess a grasp of the basics. Rather quickly on embarking on a project however you’ll come across a plethora of hidden boxes, wires and electronic circuit boards that you have no idea what they are or where they would possibly go. So, leave this to the professionals, namely the audiovisual designers do this for a living. They know it inside out and practice the craft for upwards of forty hours a week, so you know you’ll be in safe hands and the job will be completed correctly on the first time.

Our judging panel, which for fairness’ sake is comprised of both technical and non-technical reviewers, have searched through all the audiovisual design blogs they could find from across the Internet and present the best of these to you here. These elite award winners offer up quality information and ideas for free, so be sure to have a click through them all and benefit from the knowledge herein.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • strongcommunications.com/
  • www.avsinc.net/
  • www.avsolutions.ca/
  • www.mergingmedia.net/
  • www.itavsolutions.com/index.php
  • www.l3av.com/
  • www.avrinc.com/
  • www.eventservices.it/audio_visual_installations.htm
  • www.a-vidd.com/
  • www.colortone-av.com/
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