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Berkline 45030 Review

One of Berkline home theater's new models is the exciting Berkline 45030.  At the time of writing this article, it has not yet been assigned a model name but one is promised to come soon.  I had the chance to see the seat for the first time at the High Point Spring Furniture Market a few days ago and this is a quick review. This model brings two new features to the Berkline line-up.  One feature you see, the other you don't.  The first, baseball stitching or contrast stitching, as people in the industry like to call it.  It's that double stitch around the seams that gives that fine finish and rich leather look to any surface.  It is available with a white stitch and I have uploaded some great pictures of this new model here.

The other great feature is the fact that the design allows the seat to be shipped via UPS and not LTL or common carrier like most other Berkline models.  This will give the seat a quicker delivery to the end consumer.

Overall, this is a great addition with a contemporary style.  The armrests resemble the ever famous Berkline Tangiers 13175 - with the characteristic slope towards the front by the cup holders.  At first, this looks like an awkward angle for your arms to rest when fully reclined but there is logic to this design.  As you recline and rest your arms on the armrests, your hands place perfect above the cup holder and any impending obstruction that it may cause when it is holding a drink.  It is more natural and comfortable this way.  Also, the cup holders are removable so that they can be washed.

Another great addition to this model is the 'on/off' switch that is available for the lighted cup holders on the seat.  This switch will also turn off the lighting on the base rail for the ambient lighting edition of the seat.  The dimensions on this seat are somewhat unique in that the seat is not as wide as the 45090 nor as narrow as the Berkline 13175 but a blend in width between the two seats.  It has a 36.25' width from arm to arm where the 090 is 40' and the 13175 is 33'.