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Berkline 45099 vs Palliser Trylogy Home Theatre Seating

The Berkline 45099 and Palliser Trylogy are two of the many home theatre seating options we have on offer at The Theater Seat Store.  Both the Berkline 45099 and the Palliser Trylogy are available in a variety of materials, including leather and micro fiber and can be fully customized with a range of optional extras.

Starting at just $725 per seat, the Berkline 45099 offers exceptional value for money.  The Berkline brand has long been associated with comfort, quality and style and the 45099 is no exception. 

The Berkline 45099 is superior in terms of both back height and seat width, making it a more spacious than the Palliser Trylogy, however, the Trylogy has many redeeming features that make it worthy of consideration.  With a full 44.5” back height, the Berkline 45099 offers good back, head and neck support for users of any height.  Likewise, the 26” seat width ensures space and comfort for everyone.

The Berkline 45099 has a very sleek, contemporary design and is one of the top selling Berkline home theater chairs for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it benefits from the ‘Wallaway©’ design means it requires just 3 inch wall clearance in the fully reclined position.  CMAX pillow top cushioning provides exception comfort, while the Berkline ‘ComfortRest©’ provides even head-to-toe support.

Optional extras include Motorized Recline, Lighted Cupholders and ButtKicker speakers to enhance your home theater experience.  These features, coupled with the exceptional Berkline warranty that is among the best in the home theater seating industry, make the Berkline 45099 an excellent choice for your home theater.

At $819 per home theater chair, the Palliser Trylogy is slightly more expensive than the Berkline 45099, but still offers great value for money when you consider the extra features it possesses.

The Palliser Trylogy has a classic, more decorative design and features the desirable nail head trim.  This certainly adds to the Trylogy’s aesthetic appeal.  Finished to an exceptional standard, the Palliser Trylogy benefits from a plentiful 43” back height and a more than adequate 23” seat width. 

Like the Berkline counterpart, the Palliser Trylogy has a wall hugger design and requires approximately 2 inches of wall clearance fully reclined.  Arm rest cup holders are included and can be customized to your taste with a choice of antique bronze or stainless steel finish.  The Palliser Trylogy also comes with a variety of leg finishes that further add to your ability to customize your chair to your particular tastes.

Optional extras for the Palliser Trylogy include Motorized Recline and built-in Bass Shaker speakers to increase your viewing pleasure.  The Palliser warranty is second to none and offers a 3 year warranty on the material which is unheard of with other manufacturers in the industry.

Both the Berkline 45099 and the Palliser Trylogy can be placed in a linear row or curved configuration with love seat seating options available.   For maximum versatility, Berkline and Palliser allow you to pick any number of seats in any combination to complete your home theater seating formation. 

At The Theater Seat Store, we understand that all computer monitors are different and that it may be difficult to distinguish the right color or pattern for your home theater seats from our pictures.  We highly recommend that you contact one of our highly experienced sales associates on 1-888-602-SEAT who will arrange for you to receive FREE color swatches to ensure your Berkline or Palliser home theater seats compliment your home perfectly.