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2010 Web Excellency Awards for Business Aimed AV sites brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Business Aimed Sites
AV tools present the face of your company to the world. Find experts in business related AV from the award-winning sites below.

Business Aimed Sites

Business audiovisual needs are always of the utmost importance. AV tools present the face of the company to clients, potential clients, media, and just as importantly, internally. Effective communication with stunning presentation is crucial to any business.

Not every business employs experts on things like videoconferencing, projection screens and projectors, digital signage, wireless microphones, etc. Some businesses will rely on a third party to provide such information and equipment. The blogs listed below have been chosen by our judges as award-winners in the Business Aimed audiovisual category. These blog sites will help educate any business person from the lower-rung tech guy to the high-powered CEO, looking to research AV equipment for his or her company.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • www.palme-middleeast.com/install/
  • www.avpartner.com/installationNdesign/default.htm
  • www.fluidsound.biz/
  • www.ambertech.com.au/
  • www.nmcabling.co.uk/audio_visual_installations.php
  • www.ivcmedia.co.uk/
  • www.touchvision.tv/
  • www.whitwam.ltd.uk/
  • www.midwestcomputer.com/
  • www.xeroxaudiovisual.com/
  • http://www.avpres.org/
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