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How to Order

Once you have selected the items you want to purchase, you are ready to place your order. You can either call one of our Sales Professionals who will place the order on your behalf or you can complete it yourself online. TheaterSeatStore offers a four-step ordering process:

1. Finalizing the Items in your Shopping Cart
2. Completing Shipping and Billing Information
3. Reviewing your Order
4. Receiving an Order Confirmation

The shopping cart contains all the items you selected while shopping. During this step, you can add or delete items and change quantities.

Step 2: Shipping & Billing
You are asked to provide your billing address as well as the shipping address.

Step 3: Reviewing Your Order
Please review your order for accuracy. You can make changes or go ahead and place your order.

Step 4: Order Confirmation
A final summary and confirmation of your order appears, along with the phone number for Customer Service in case you need assistance.

You can use the order number on this page to track the status of your order online through Order Tracking 24 hours after it has been placed.