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Press Releases

Thurs, 2010-03-25 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Home Theater Seating Photo Contest at is giving away $1,000.00 gift certificates to the lucky winners of the Theater of Design photo contest. Participants who submit photographs of their dedicated home theater will become eligible to win and could have their photographs..............

Thurs, 2010-03-11 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Home Theater Seating Has a New Look at has a new look that is better organized, easier to navigate, and takes advantage of various multimedia technologies including over 120 videos displaying various home theater seating and ...........

Fri, 2010-02-11 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release is furnishing various Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Magnolia Home Theater stores with “The Magnolia” and “The Headliner” home theater chairs
Customers will have the opportunity to view and sit in these seats in select Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater stores prior to purchasing them directly from By early March, the chairs will be in 100 Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater stores across the country....

Fri, 2010-01-25 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Twilight Home Theater Seat At for Only $320 Per Seat, the premier retailer for home theater seating, is selling “The Twilight” home theater seat from Vantage HTS for $320 per seat, exclusively on its website This is the first TheaterSeatStore exclusive home theater seat introduced this year with an additional two seats from other manufacturers to follow before January 31, 2010

Thur, 2010-01-08 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Palliser Theater Seating Videos at TheaterSeatStore
After the initial success of similar video displays on various Berkline home theater seating models, TheaterSeatStore will display approximately 30 of Palliser’s top selling home theater seats.........

Fri, 2009-10-23 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

TheaterSeatStore Doubles Home Theater Seating Inventory On Hand at Warehouse
TheaterSeatStore has more than doubled the size of its warehouse and distribution center to handle increased volume of daily orders and expedite shipping to customers. We're following the growth and expansion of our client base and their demand for expedited shipping on their orders. By adding additional square footage to house inventory, and expanded loading docks, we have the ability to handle a larger volume of orders daily, and are positioned for significant...............

Fri, 2009-09-11 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

TheaterSeatStore, one of the largest home theater furniture retailers in North America, is selling Palliser Furniture Ltd's new Pacifico theater seat recliner at ...............

Fri, 2009-08-14 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Home Theater Furniture Displayed With Videos at TheaterSeatStore
TheaterSeatStore has introduced short videos to display various popular Berkline home theater seating models on its website...............

Sun, 2009-08-09 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Exclusive Discount Home Theater Seating at TheaterSeatStore
Under an exclusive arrangement with one of the largest furniture manufacturers in North America, TheaterSeatStore is selling "The Valentino" home theater seat on its website...............

Sun, 2009-07-27 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Berkline Massage Chairs for Sale at TheaterSeatStore
TheaterSeatStore has introduced a full range of Berkline massage chair for sale on its website - Initially, only Berkline's Feel Good Massage Chair range will be sold but additional manufacturers and ranges will...............

Mon, 2009-06-01 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

New Berkline Home Theater Seating Available at TheaterSeatStore
Berkline released these new home theater seating models at the end of April, during the Spring Furniture Market at High Point North Carolina, the world's largest furniture market. The new recliners take Berkline's already successful models and add some slight design...............

Thur, 2009-04-02 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Palliser Furniture Available at TheaterSeatStore
Interiormark, LLC is proud to announce that they have been selected, as one of only a handful of authorized online dealers, by Palliser Furniture, to represent their products for sale online through This enables consumers to enjoy an even wider...............

Mon, 2009-03-09 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

New Warehouse and Distribution Center for Home Theater Seating Leader TheaterSeatStore
National online retailer TheaterSeatStore is expanding its service footprint in the home theater seating marketplace by acquiring a warehouse and showroom to better serve the growing demand for its products. The new facility, located at 425 Violet Street in Golden...............

Mon, 2009-02-23 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Exciting New Berkline Home Theater Seat Exclusive to is proud to announce a new exciting addition to its Berkline home theater seating line-up. The Berkline Encore is an exclusive addition from the Berkline range of theater seats................

Mon, 2008-12-17 | TheaterSeatStore Press Release

Home Theater Seating's New Marketplace Destination
Interiormark, LLC today announced that the company has relaunched its website With the advent of flat screen technology, movie entertainment has moved from the cinema to the home. has launched................