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2010 Web Excellency Awards for Design and Lifestyle brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Design and Lifestyle
Design and lifestyle go hand in hand in many cases. These awards praise the blogs that lead the way in this area.

Design and Lifestyle

When personal blogs maintained by those who have a unique flair for design are well-written, the result is always a series of enjoyable and often educational series of posts brimming with character and passion. As design and lifestyle go hand in hand, the team this time around searched for those which sat in the overlapping middle – after many hours of searching and reviewing, we’ve come across what we feel to be the best combined design and lifestyle blogs on the net. All of the subsequent winners in this category are both incredibly well designed and feature a strong narrative voice with a knack for creating truly engaging content. Anyone who visits them is sure to take away some form of inspiration whether it be in home décor or lifestyle choice, so without further ado…

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • blog.designpublic.com/
  • floridecires7.blogspot.com/
  • chezlarsson.typepad.com/
  • ishandchi.blogspot.com/
  • www.j3nn.net/
  • www.physicsgroupie.com/
  • definitelygolden.com/
  • thelesbianlifestyle.com/
  • www.spaparazzi.com/
  • www.lifestyle-homeschool.com/Homeschool-blog.html
  • heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/
  • latemag.com/modern/
  • mattbites.com/
  • blog.piajanebijkerk.com/WordPress/
  • www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/
  • coolhunting.com/
  • inchmark.squarespace.com/
  • www.doorsixteen.com/
  • bspokeblog.com/
  • style-files.com/
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