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The Grand Masters of Theater Seating


In every line of furniture, there are models that basically have it all. Home theater seats that have all the features, size and comfort that theater seating can offer. These are the theater seats that you know will be bought and enjoyed by the home theater enthusiast who wants to spare no luxury, lift no finger and never leave his seat once he falls into it. The Home Meridian Regal and the Marquee theater seat are the ultimate theater seats for your home and will transform your media room into a memorable escape.

The Home Meridian Regal Theater Seat

RegalThe Home Meridian Regal Theater Seat was made to provide you with suprior comfort. The seat was designed so that it cradles your body prodviding every inch of your body with superior padding and comfort, not to metion also making it extremely difficult to want to get out of it. This exquisite theater seat allows you to immerse into your favorite movie, game, or show, transforming your reality.

Recline and Relax

These seats have the largest foot print in the theater seat industry. This seat offers a wand that controls the power recline mechanism as well as a power adjustable headrest. These features are standard. Excellent lumbar support and thick padded armrests and an extra large seating surface provides your with the ultimate relaxation experience. The tall back seat is 45 inches long and provides superior support even when fully reclined. The chasie style footrest provides your will complete support from head to toe.

The Home Meridian Marquee

Similar to the Regal, the Home Meridian Marquee is built for comfort and style, but unlike the Regal, the Marque offers a Space Saving Design that allows you to place more theater seats in a smaller place. This design was achieved by slimming the armrests but without compromising comfort and style. Each seat still has a cup holder in each armrest.

MarqueeThe Marquee is made from thick premium brown leather and has incredible lumbar support and plus seating to provide you with the best theater seat possible. The chaise style footrest allows your to completely relax while your watch your favorite movie or show.

Unfortunately with all these benefits and features comes a hefty price tag relative to other theater seat models. In person though, these seats sell themselves. In their presence, one realizes that you are looking at a true leader.

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