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2010 Web Excellency Awards for Home Theater Providers brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Home Theater Providers
Looking for the best up-to-date information on new AV gear? This award showcases some of the best providers of home theater equipment on the Web.

Home Theater Providers

Home entertainment technology has blossomed over the past 25 years. We can now enjoy a true theater experience from the comforts of our home couch. Be it a symphony on compact disc, blasting from a network of speakers, or the latest movie being shown in high-definition on a gigantic screen, it can all happen right in our living rooms. However, as with any industry filled with this many products there is a mind-boggling array of options. Some are obvious, while some are subtle nuances of the greater whole and most of us could use the advice of a professional before feeling comfortable enough to make our home theater selections.

We’ve taken at least one decision off the table; which blogs to go to for professional home theater advice. The winners linked below can give you the best info needed to make a good decision. Check them out, then get your couch ready for some company…

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • hometheaterreview.com/
  • www.commercialelectronics.ca/
  • www.masteravservices.co.uk/plasma_lcd_installation/
  • www.visionav.com.au/
  • installplasma.com/
  • www.soundsadvanced.com/
  • www.bcgconcepts.com/
  • www.avclarity.com.au/
  • www.dsientertainment.com/
  • hometheatrehouston.com/
  • www.fullspectrum.co.uk/
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