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2010 Web Excellency Awards for Horror Movie Sites brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Horror Movies
Horror movies have a huge fanbase, which explains the vast number of blogs dedicated to them. This award showcases the best Horror Movie Blogs out there.

Horror Movie Blogs

Love it or hate it, horror is one of those genres which goes from strength to strength and is forever pushing the boundaries in order to get the desired effect out of its viewers. Plotting the progression from early horror films (particularly those based on classic gothic literature) to the extreme shock-fests of our current times is an interesting story in itself, and the horror genre enjoys countless fans who are keen to broaden their understanding of the genre.

In our best Horror Blogs award, you’ll find the musings from avid horror/thriller fans keen to share their experiences and tips to brilliant writing from some of the industry’s most talented professionals. All make for excellent reading, and are essential to discovering titles which fall far from the mainstream viewing audience (especially in the case of foreign or extreme movies).

Congratulations to the following winners...

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