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2010 Web Excellency Awards brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Theater Seat Store Recognizes Talent
In our journey to dig deeper into the world of online entertainment, we discovered a vast universe of interest and talent. From professional musicians and designers to interested AV enthusiasts, movie lovers, and audiophiles, the wealth of information presented as fact, truth, and opinion has been virtually endless.

Web Excellency Awards - 2010

Stand up and be counted! As a leading retailer of Home Entertainment Furniture with extensive background in the entertainment industry from a consumer and seller perspective, we have an extraordinary opportunity to use our experience and influence to encourage and promote your commitment to offering honest, unbiased perspective into the subculture of Music, Movie, Interior Design and AV Specialists everywhere. In effort to acknowledge those who share our passion for the entertainment lifestyle, we have established an annual program featuring a Web Excellency Award for premier home entertainment enthusiasts who have bravely expressed their lifestyles and opinions with the online community. Discover an incredible group of talented and dedicated individuals who have given an immense amount of effort into the promotion of this unique entertainment subculture.

Top Blog Choices for 2010

We have sorted through literally hundreds and hundreds of resources to uncover and reward the best of the best in our entertainment categories.

  • Music
  • Interior Design
  • AV Enthusiasts and Specialists
  • Movies and Video

Music Awards

Enjoy a wealth of valuable perspectives surrounding the love of music, entertainment lifestyle, music news, and a dedicated passionate community of music lovers everywhere!  Explore the depths of various music cultures including international music styles that showcase popular, modern, and music from around the world.

Visit the Music Web Excellency Awards now!

Interior Design Awards

Discover a flair and passion for good home design! From traditional, modern, and European-style designs, to the green roots of eco-friendly furnishings and fabrics, the ultimate interior design blogs, tips, and community are available right here at your fingertips.

Visit the Interior Design Web Excellency Awards now!

Movie Awards

Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience where reviews and information are offered for a variety of international movies based on location, genre, and opinion. Whether you are a hardcore horror enthusiast, or enjoy a variety of movies produced around the world, we are certain you will enjoy the thoughts and ideas of others who share your passion!

Visit the Movies Web Excellency Awards now!

AV Specialists Awards

From AV Equipment for sale and installers for hire, to information on do-it-yourself techniques and available providers, the AV Specialists we have selected are top-of-the-line and dedicated to informing and providing everything you need to enhance your home entertainment space. Whether you are an AV Specialist, enthusiast, or just want to learn more about the Audio-Video industry, we have captured the top producers for av content available online.

Visit the AV Specialists Web Excellency Awards now!
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If you are a recepient of one of our prestigious web awards, you will be given an opportunity to display it on your website! We want to thank you for enriching our reading experience and to honor you for your contribution to the home entertainment industry. For your convenience, we offer two award sizes from which you can choose.

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Web awards are the sole property of Theater Seat Store, and are chosen based upon internal criteria. Upon acceptance of this web award, you agree to display it visibly using the the provided code for embedding.

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