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2010 Web Excellency Awards for outstanding AV installers and maintenance brought to you by Theater Seat Store

AV installation and Maintenance
The help you need to set up and maintain your home theater system is just a mouse click away! This award showcases the best AV Installation and Maintenance Blogs out there.

AV Installation and Maintenance

Getting a job done right and in a timely manner is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to audiovisual installations and maintenance. After the initial setup it is crucial to maintain the equipment you have invested so much in. But whom should you entrust with this important job? Some will blindly go with the big corporations they’ve heard of, but it is good to know what else is out there in order to make an informed decision.

The winning blogs below have already done lots of essential legwork for us by blogging on audiovisual installations and maintenance options. Here we recognize their efforts and proudly present them before you, fresh out of the blogosphere. Take advantage of their collective wisdom and you will no doubt be prepared when your next big project comes up.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • www.cedia.net/
  • www.avssltd.co.uk/
  • www.dvinstallation.com/
  • www.ibsav.com.au/
  • www.avactiv.co.uk/
  • www.ccsprojects.com/az/index.cfm
  • www.safeandsoundmn.com/
  • www.cnrav.com/shop/
  • www.avsillc.com/
  • www.worldcustomav.com/
  • www.chelseaaudiovideo.com/
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