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Lane End Zone 222 Review


Lane and Home Meridian make some of the highest quality home theater seating out there today. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and fabrics for your home, ensuring that you can have the style and feel that suits your unique tastes.. Both Lane Furniture and Home Meridian have arange of options available for your seating system. Two popular styles, the Lane 222 End Zone and the Home Meridian Palisades are both great choices for your home theater and are available here today.


Lane222-End-ZoneWhen choosing seating for your home theater, it is important to consider how much space you have in the room. If the room is on the smaller side of the spectrum, you will want to consider home theater seating that will not overwhelm the space and allow you to enjoy your big screen. The Lane 222 End Zone is the most famous of the Lane Furniture home theater chairs. With a back height of 44” inches and a seat width of 26” inches, these home theater chairs can accommodate almost any sized media room. Additionally, the End Zone features clean and sleek lines, with a chaise style foot rest – giving you the comfort you want. While the Lane 222 is modern, it also retains a classic line, perfect for any décor.

The more modern Home Meridian Palisades offers you great comfort with a contemporary style and of course, the traditional movie theater look and feel. Offering home theater chairs with plush seat backs and superior lumbar support, the Home Meridian Palisades has a back height of 42” inches and 25” inches wide. Offered in a range of colors and fabrics as well as leather, this home theater seating collection is beautifully crafted with lovely detailed stitching. It is a great addition to your home theater.

Design Features

If you’re looking for great features for your home theater seating, look no further than these two lines. The Lane 222 End Zone comes with great features to add to your comfort, including chaise style footrests and a load of options to add to your home theater. Innovative design features offered only by Lane Furniture include Zero Gravity Recline, which will allow for the chair to recline without any effort – a great feature relaxing feature. In addition, the End Zone also comes with Power Recline, which can allow you to stretch all the way out quickly with the touch of a button, without any resistance or hassle.

The modern and sleek Home Meridian Palisades also has quality features for those who are looking for the best in home theater chairs. With PowerRecline, you can effortlessly recline into your favorite position in a snap. The Palisades also offers you a range of features to add to your comfort, including Wall Hugger Design, which gives you the ability to recline your chair with just three inches of clearance behind you.

Great Options


Lane Furniture and the Home Meridian both offer great options for your home theater seating. This includes lighted cup holders to allow you and your guests to find your beverage in the dark. Another unique feature is the Buttkicker. Available on both models, the Buttkicker offers you the best in sound technology with subwoofers built right into the chairs. This allows everyone to enjoy the sound without disturbing the neighbors. In addition, this will also enablr you and your guests to hear every little sound effect and special feature in anything you watch, whenever you watch it.

Lane Furniture and Home Meridian both offer a range of fabrics, including microfibers and leathers. Both the End Zone and the Palisades are available in dozens of colors, allowing you to choose home theater seating that can fit with the style of your home theater along with the rest of your home.

All of these styles of Lane Furniture and Home Meridian home theater chairs are available for customized configurations. Depending on the size and shape of your home theater, we can advise you on the best arrangement for your furniture. You can even choose from a straight or a curved configuration, giving you whatever feeling you would like for your home media seating. There is even a sofa or loveseat style option available. Both the Lane Furniture and the Home Meridian Palisades are available in either type of design.


When choosing your home theater seats, you have to consider the size of your room, the style of your home and how big you want your seating to be. If you are looking for a modern classic, we recommend the Lane 222 End Zone. For a more contemporary feel, the Home Meridian Palisades can bring you the details that will say modern and sophisticated.

Whatever you choose, you can rely on the style, quality and great features of both Lane and Home Meridian home theater seating. Both the Lane 222 End Zone and the Palisades offer the latest in home theater seats, with the features and details that can give your home the extra touches of comfort and style.

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