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2010 Web Excellency Awards for Modern Style brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Modern Style
Keeping current with anything is hard to do in today's fast paced world, especially in design. This award goes to the blogs that do it the best.

Modern Style

Modern style is something which many homeowners and interior designers aim to achieve, so it’s of no surprise that there are a multitude of online zines and blogs covering the art of modern style. What may be surprising however is that we’ve whittled them down to produce a list of five of the greatest Modern Style sites still under active ownership on the Internet.

In our Modern Style awards category, the factors the team used to determine which out of the hundreds of design sites should appear on the final list under included quality of writing, presentation, design aesthetic and the ability to identify with their target audience’s tastes. Solely on these factors we’re sure you’ll agree that the sites below are amongst some of the greatest Modern Style blogs from across the net.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • padstyle.com/
  • www.futurelooks.com/
  • www.yankodesign.com/
  • grassrootsmodern.com/
  • blog.2modern.com/
  • www.coochicoos.com/
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