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2010 Web Excellency Awards for genre based movie blogs brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Movie Genres
From action to sci-fi to romantic comedy, everyone has their favorite genres of movies. This award showcases the best blogs dedicated to a particular genre.

Movie Genres

It’s pretty much demonstrably true that no two movie-goers are alike in their preferences, and it is exceedingly uncommon if not unheard of for someone to actively enjoy every genre of film (even if they claim to, this is usually not the case!). As a result, we felt it important to collate a cross-section of blogs covering everything from Sex in the City to war films in our Genre Movie blog category.

While the subject matter covered by each of our award winners is dramatically different, none of them shirk on quality of content and between them you are guaranteed to come across similar individuals who share your passion (regardless of how strange you perceive your tastes in movies to be).

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • www.cosmoguyonline.com
  • www.craigbe.com/
  • warmovieblog.com/
  • burbanked.com/
  • seul-le-cinema.blogspot.com/
  • dvdpanache.blogspot.com/
  • kinoslang.blogspot.com/
  • filmscreed.blogspot.com/
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