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2010 Web Excellency Awards brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Movies and Entertainment
Celebrate a wealth of quality entertainment with the 2010 Movies Web Excellency Awards brought to you by Theater Seat Store.  From horror to adventure, and international to Hollywood, the 2010 Movie Awards are designed to honor those who have given us an in-depth insight into our favorite subject!

Movie Web Awards

The process of film making has become an incredible artform that relies heavily upon the abilities and talents of a group of dedicated screen writers, actors, actresses, directors, producers and stage crew.  With grand vision, and elegant design, the movie industry has exploded with artistic styling influenced by the international community. 

Whether you are a die-hard horror film enthusiast, or a lover of romantic international movies, we have explored and discovered the most intriguing and interesting sites and are pleased to share them with you!

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We have a variety of different award-winning design blogs to choose from.

Movies and Entertainment Awards

Movies all over the World From Hollywood to Bollywood, the international movie industry is booming with creative inspiring filmmakers all across the universe. Enjoy traditional American-Style film reviews, or set your eyes on something much more exotic. Movie Reviews Want an opinion on a particular film, genre, or movie style? We have several fantastic critic-based sites both professional and amateur that give you in-depth insight into the wonderful world of movies and entertainment. Movies and Entertainment Discussions, entertainment, and community surrounding the wonderful world of film making, movies, books, literature, poetry, and art. Informative Want the latest and greatest information in the film industry? Interested in learning how movies are made? Curious about your favorite actresses and actors? Its all here! Horror Unsettling movies that leave that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. For lovers of horror, these sites are dedicated to honoring the beauty in the horror film industry. Opinion Based Personal blogs and websites that provide in-depth opinions and discussions on all movie and film-related tools of the industry. Enjoy serious discussions, and lighthearted fun! Genre Movies Action films, historical movies, documentaries, classic and modern entertainment based discussions, blogs and opinions. Create, Interact, Explore the many genres of movies and film in the industry today!
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If you are a recepient of one of our prestigious web awards, you will be given an opportunity to display it on your website! We want to thank you for enriching our reading experience and to honor you for your contribution to the home entertainment industry. For your convenience, we offer two award sizes from which you can choose.

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