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Palliser Pacifico vs Lane Matinee

Palliser Pacifico vs. Lane Matinee Header

When you are designing your home theater, one of the most important and expensive decisions you will make is in regards to seating. There are several different options available to the home theater owner, and the choice is entirely personal; however, there are several key features that should be considered when reviewing theater seating options for your personal use. Quality of materials, reputation of manufacturer, dimensions, standard features, customizable features and appearance are all crucial deciding factors. Below is a comparison of two popular home theater seating choices on, the Palliser Pacifico and Lane Matinee using these important criteria.

The Palliser Pacifico (Model number 41920) is one of Theater Seat Store's most popular home seating choices. This best-selling home theater seat incorporates many of the popular features seen in higher priced seating products. The version of the Pacifico that is reviewed here is available for quick ship with power recline and your choice of brown or black top grain leather upholstery.

Although it appears to be a newcomer on the home theater seating scene, the Lane Matinee has actually been around for a long time. It is the reincarnation of the best selling Reno, made by Berkline until they closed their doors in early 2011. Lane Furniture picked up the Reno and renamed it the Matinee (Model number 103). This home theater seat is still made in the same factory as the Reno, and is reviewed here with manual recline and black bonded leather upholstery.


Overall style is important and at first glance, these two chairs appear very similar. They both strive for the look and feel of a contemporary chair. They both use clean lines and sleek styling to do this. Both use two layers of thick pillow-like sections on the back to provide excellent neck and lumbar support. The Palliser Pacifico has opted to use a larger top 'pillow' for support of the head and neck while the Lane Matinee uses a larger bottom 'pillow' for support of the back. Both chairs have cup holders built into the armrest. The Palliser Pacifico may have done styling better overall.


The comfort of a chair is as much dependent on the dimensions as it is on the quality of the craftsmanship and materials. The Palliser Pacifico and the Lane Matinee have similar dimensions, although there are some differences. Once of the most crucial dimensions is the height of the back of the chair. The taller the chair is, the more likely it is that even your tallest guests will be able to sit in comfort and rest their head. The Palliser Pacifico has a height of 43 inches while the Lane Matinee has a height of 44 inches. It is up to you to consider what difference an inch can make. The next crucial dimension is the seat width. A larger seat width will accommodate larger guests as well as generally allow for a 'roomy' feeling. The Lane Matinee has an overall seat width of 26 inches while the Palliser Pacifico comes in slightly smaller with 23 inch wide seats. Over all, the Lane Matinee offers a slightly roomier fit than the Palliser Pacifico.

Standard Features

Like anything, theater seating is all about the features and both of these chairs are loaded with standard features. Both the Palliser Pacifico and the Lane Matinee offer the unique 'wall hugger' feature. This great feature allows the chairs to be placed close to the wall while still allowing use of the full recline range. The Pacifico offers standard power recline, while the Matinee offers it at an additional charge. The standard for the Matinee is manual recline. Both reclines offer multiple different recline angles, although the power feature and its ability to stop on a dime allows for a more customizable experience.Lane 103 Matinee Storage and Tray Table Both of these home theater seating models offer a chaise lounge footrest. This allows for support of the entire leg and guarantees a certain level of comfort for guests. While both models come standard with in arm cup holders, the Lane Matinee takes it up a notch and includes in arm storage in every seat. This unique and handy storage area is perfect for newspapers or magazines. Additionally, the Lane Matinee offers a swivel tray table that stores neatly away in the storage compartment when not in use. The Palliser Pacifico does not offer either of these features. Overall, the Matinee has more standard features than the Pacifico.

Customized Features

Both chairs are configurable. Buyers can choose between two, three and four seats. Buttkicker Mini LFE Speaker SystemWhen selecting four seats, the Lane Matinee simply strings together 4 separate seats. The Palliser Pacifico however, uses a middle love seat option for a roomier fit in the center of the configuration. Both of the theater seats offer a 'butt kicker' stereo option. It is self-installed and available at an extra charge. The Pacifico offers two different arm choices, straight and curved, while the Matinee relies on only one choice, straight. For color customization, the Pacifico is available in two separate colors, chocolate and black, while the Matinee is only available in black. When looking for a chair with more customizable features, the Palliser Pacifico offers more selections.

Quality of Materials

When purchasing an expensive theater chair, it is important that you select a chair constructed from the highest quality materials. In the case of both the Matinee and the Pacifico what this really boils down to is quality of leather. Both state they use high quality leather, but only the Palliser Pacifico uses Top Grain leather. The Matinee uses premium leather. The leather used by the Pacifico is known as the highest grade of leather throughout the industry. Furthermore, the Matinee uses a 'synthetic' material for the side and the back of the chair, while the Pacifico matches their leather. Keep in mind that premium leather is still quality leather, it just doesn't come from the top grain of the hide.

Reputation of Manufacturer

Both Palliser and Lane have been in the furniture building business for years and have stellar reputations. They are both well known for their innovative designs, quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Consider looking carefully at the vendor you have chosen to do business with as well.

Once you review and compare the items listed above, you should come pretty close to deciding on which chair will work better for your needs. The final item to consider is price. Theater seating is expensive, no doubt about it, but basic research shows these two models are similar priced.

Choosing a theater seating option can be difficult at best. By comparing the quality, appearance, standard and nonstandard features as well as the price, you can easily narrow down your selection. Both the Lane Matinee and the Palliser Pacifico have some excellent features. Which chair you finally choose is up to you. Either choice of home theater seating is the perfect way to finish off your home theater.

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