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Space Savers

Perfect for Smaller Spaces

Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and with the constraints of modern living, sometimes we don't have as much space as we might desire. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy home entertainment in style, however: we have chosen a selection of attractive, compact home theater seating, so you can enjoy sharp sound and stunning high-definition visuals in perfect comfort. Our designs have been created by some of the top names in home furniture, including Berkline, Palliser, and Bass. These models feature Space Saver Wall Hugger Designs, which ensures you can make the most of any room, and with fun optionals like lighted cup-holders, footlights, motorized reclining mechanism and Buttkicker vibration function, you can be sure of an immersive experience in your very own home.
With a dual focus on quality and value, Palliser Furniture has been creating eye-pleasing yet practical furniture for the home for over 60 years. Their space-saving designs, such as the Bullet and Blade, feature a compact Wallaway design that can recline mere inches from the wall, and with buttery-smooth leather and leatherette in chocolate brown and pitch black, excellent lumbar support and stylish design, these chairs are built to last.

Berkline brings you top-quality reclining furniture that not only looks great but assures you luxurious support. Priding themselves on bringing you more functional features than any other reclining brand, Berkline's array of space-saving furniture maximizes floor space while retaining a polished look. Berkline offers its chairs in a wide variety of fabrics, leathers, colors and textures to suit your personal tastes and home d├ęcor. Their chairs also feature an easy-use Touch Motion II keypad for easy recline.

These and many other brands are available right here, so if space is at a premium, you can be sure we can accommodate you in style.

Space Savers

Palliser Pacifico 41920

On Sale $649.00/Seat

The Magnolia

On Sale $849.00/Seat

The Magnolia

Starts $704.00/Seat

Berkline 45088 The Premier

Starting $560.00/Seat

Berkline 45004 Palladium
Berkline 45004 The Palladium

Starting $600.00/Seat

Berkline 45032 The Academy

Starting $620.00/Seat

Berkline 13175 Tangiers

On Sale $449.00/Seat

Berkline 13175 Tangiers

On Sale $499.00/Seat

Palliser Pacifico 41920

On Sale $649.00/Seat