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2010 Web Excellency Awards for video conferencing brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Video Conferencing
Businesses are saving money with video conferencing instead of expensive business trips. This award showcases the best video conferencing sites out there.

Video Conferencing

In days of old, business trips were quite common. These were often long, tedious trips of considerable expense and frequently of little importance. Today, businesses are getting smarter and using technology to their greater advantage. The video conference enables instant face-to-face communication with someone that could be on the other side of the building or on the other side of the world. Of course, businesses aren’t the only ones using this technology, as any group with a need for cheap, effective communication can use it.

There are numerous considerations which must be made however, from which equipment to buy to which communication plans to subscribe to (and everything in between). It can be a challenge sorting through some of this at first, but there are blogs around to help make these decisions easier ones. In that vein, the blogs below are award-winners as chosen by our well-informed judges and are sure to stand you in good stead.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • audiovisual.ivci.com/audio-visual-on-site-installation.html
  • www.avsolutionuk.com/
  • www.tenav.co.uk/
  • www.avplannersinc.com/
  • www.inlandav.ca/
  • www.videoconferencingtennessee.com/
  • www.avispl.com/
  • www.atvvideo.com/
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