Bonded leather is the single biggest trend impacting the leather sectional market. Modern leather sectionals that previously cost several thousand dollars can now be purchased for less than half that cost due to the economies provided by bonded leather. There is also a strong introduction into the modern sectional market of smaller, more down-sized pieces that better accommodate condominium lifestyles. The larger sectionals were always limited to large living rooms but now a number of manufacturers have introduced sectionals that work in those smaller spaces. Essentially they are space savers for the living room.


Across the board, manufacturers are sourcing more products from abroad due to the pricing pressures that are taking place in a slower US economy. These pressures are now being felt in the factories in Asia and they are responding by lowering prices to keep their factories operating. This is passing through to the larger US discount retailers who appear to be the only people selling furniture at all at the moment.

Leather in Furniture

Another interesting trend is emerging is the use of function more in furniture. Modern and traditional sectionals now have pieces that provide hidden storage, drop-down backs with cup holders and adjustable head rests. This function serves to make the traditional sectional more versatile in a family media room environment. Where dad wanted a cup holder for his beverage, one can now easily be accessed by a drop down back and nicely hidden when not used. Extending headrests now accommodate the taller members of the family without having to dominate a room with large pieces of furniture.


The fabric and leather sectional market is still dominated by the straight, modern lines associated with a minimalist design.

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