Lane Home Theater Options*

By June 27, 2018 Last Updated: March 20th, 2019 Home Theater, Product Reviews

There are many companies that produce home theater furnishings today. Lane Furniture Industries is just such a company. With an eye toward design and a commitment to quality, Lane Furniture Industries produces some of the most popular home theater seats available on the market. Their diverse line of pieces that are easily configured and customized offers consumers many choices for their home theater seating needs.

Lane Furniture Industries

In 1912 John Lane bought a small AltaVista, Virginia box plant. He put the company in the hands of his son Ed with instructions to develop it into a chest company. The Standard Red Cedar Chest Company was soon formed. In the following years, the company expanded their line to include occasional tables, case goods, and many accent pieces.

Years later, in 1972, the company purchased a Tupelo, Mississippi company known for producing reclining chairs. This company, Action Industries, allowed the Lanes to expand their product line even further. In 2012, the company has become known as Lane Home Furnishings owned under the umbrella company Furniture Brands International. FBI also owns Thomasville, Broyhill, Maitland Smith and Drexel Heritage.  In November 2017, Lane Furniture was purchased from Furniture Brands by United Furniture.

Lane Home Furnishings is a company long known for its commitment to excellence and today produces some of the most popular home theater furnishings available.

Quality First

Lane Home Furnishings has a strong history of quality home furnishings. They strive to use innovative technology and production methods to produce quality furnishings that are affordable. Lane Home Furnishings stands by the belief that their seats are the most comfortable in the house.

By using innovative technology, Lane Home Furnishings is able to produce quality home theater seating. They have implemented several production methods that have increased the craftsmanship of their pieces. They believe that by using advanced technology to produce their furniture pieces they will always be a step ahead of the competition. Advanced Technology will increase the quality and decrease the cost.

  • CNC Bandsaw – The CNC Bandsaw or Computer Numerical Control Bandsaw is a bandsaw that relies on computer programming to cut the frames for furniture. The control of this innovative bandsaw means precision frames that last.
  • Gerber Cutter – The Gerber Cutter is a computerized machine for cutting both wood and fabric. It is so precise that up to 35 layers of fabric can be cut at a time without the waste typically seen by other cutters.
  • Inventory Management – All of Lane Home Furnishings inventory is computerized. This eases the production process and also makes it faster.

Innovative Design

Lane Furniture has not pigeon holed themselves into a particular designed aesthetic. Their belief that furniture design should be ‘fashion forward’ couple with traditional craftsmanship has allowed them to develop a unique line of home theater fashions that stand out from the competition. From simple and elegant lines to pieces of a more traditional flavor, the design team at Lane always strives to produce interesting pieces that will appeal the public.

Lane 315 Cinema

The Lane Cinema line is an affordable way to purchase home theater seating with all the features a home theater owner could want. Individual chairs are strung together to create the look and feel of the traditional recliner used in a row of theater seats. The Cinema collection is loaded with features that make it stand out from the competition.

  • Ambient Lighting – Both the cup holders and the base of the Cinema collection contain lighting for that true theater feel.
  • Sliding Armrests – The armrests on the chairs slid back. This allows the cup holder to remain hidden when not in use.
  • Power Recline – Go from zero to fully reclined in eight seconds flat.
  • Total Comfort – The Cinema collection features pillow top cushions on the seats and thickly padded arm rests for total seating comfort.
  • Chaise Lounge – Instead of the traditional footrest, the Cinema collection features a waterfall chaise lounge inspired footrest for complete let support.
  • Upholstery Choices – the Cinema collection is available in leather match in three different colors. Leather match means that leather is used on the seat while a matching synthetic material is used on the remainder of the chair.

Lane 259 Gambler

The Lane Gambler Collection beautifully blends modern styling into a unique home theater piece. Thickly padded backs envelope the user for total support. Unique console recliners provide extra space between seats for storage and more. It is simply the perfect piece to sit back and relax in while enjoying the latest movie or the big game. Other features include:

  • Ambient Lighting – Both the cup holders and the base of the Cinema collection contain lighting for that true theater feel.
  • Sliding Armrests – The armrests on the chairs slid back. This allows the cup holder to remain hidden when not in use.
  • Power Recline – Go from zero to fully reclined in eight seconds flat.

Lane 222 End Zone

The Lane End Zone collection is the epitome of comfort. Loaded with features that make this chair one of the most popular, the Matinee features oversized and overstuffed seats that guarantee hours of comfort. Beautifully upholstered in leather match, the Matinee collection is designed to last.

  • Tray Table – The Matinee Collection comes with tray tables that recline along with the chair, making it even more comfortable.
  • Storage Consoles – By adding storage consoles in-between seats, a gentle curve is achieved. This unique look is useful too with plenty of additional storage space.
  • Plush Head Rest – Both the head rest and the arms are extra plush for even more comfort!
  • “No-Sag” – The Matinee collection is constructed using ‘no sag’ wire springs made from steel. This means the chairs will remain as comfortable and supportive as the day they were made for years to come.

Lane Furniture has produced three excellent examples of home theater seating for the consumer to choose from. Whether the Gambler, Matinee or Cinema collection is purchased, consumers will love the easy customization, quality materials and excellent craftsmanship for years to come.