Palliser and Dreamseat Home Theater Seating for the Sports Enthusiast*

By June 27, 2018 Last Updated: March 20th, 2019 Home Theater, Product Reviews

Getting together and watching sports is a past time favorite for most people. According to a recent study, the average person in the United States spends about 28 hours per week watching TV. It is often said that Americans are “sports-obsessed,” because there is something special about having your friends and family over and reminiscing over memories while cheering for your favorite sports team. Whether you are a diehard football fan, basketball fan, baseball expert, or hockey fanatic, bring you team spirit to another level with Palliser’s dreamseats.

New Sports Branded Furniture with a Twist

Palliser furniture and the makers of Dreamseats sports furniture are now collaborating on an exciting new project called Xzipit. The project involves the production of Palliser home theater seating with sports branded logos representing major teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA. The products that have been developed have an interesting twist to the traditional sports type seating in that the team branding zips onto the furniture so that it can be removed and replaced with other team logos in a way that maintains the clean lines and style so characteristic and synonymous with the Palliser name.

Embroidered Leather

The system works off a patent pending model that features an undetectable connection with the removable themed sports panel that is embroidered on beautiful high grade leather. By design, this ensures XZipit Furnishings are always attractive and functional with or without a logo panel in place. The XZipit sports panels feature the highest quality embroidered leather. Our universal XZipit panels connect easily into any of the XZipit pieces of furniture. With or without the panel, XZipit furniture is of the highest quality look and feel available today.

Customize Your Style

These panels are not just available for sports branding but can also have company logos embroidered on the panels. There is also a series of furniture for the office. The seats all use high grade leather on all the seating surfaces and a perfect match on the exterior sides and back.

The Rockers

Relax in comfort with the Rockers padded armrests and durable synthetic leather upholstery. The stylish chair also had high-tech capabilities with a built-in stereo headrest speakers and sub-woofers and a plug-in support for iPods, MP3’s and CD players, home theater or video game systems. Perfect for any setting, and ideal for an office, the Rocker is the perfect way to showcase your team spirit.

The Recliner

Take your team spirit to another level with customizable Recliner. Customize your recliner with your favorite NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR and NCAA logo. Made of superior and ultra-comfortable density foam and Teflon treated microfiber this recliner is sure to be your favorite seat in the house.

The Theater Recliner

The Home Theater Recliner blends modern design with interchangeable logos to offer you a unique product unlike any other. Customize your furniture with your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCARR, NCAA, MLB or college teamz logo. You can also add company logos, photographs, special events panels as well and change them as often as desired. Each theater seat is constructed from quality top grain leather. These theater seats also fully recline allowing you to relax in style and comfort.

The Couch

Immerse into your favorite sporting event with this three seat stationary sofa. This quality sofa is made with 100% leather and no-sag spring suspension and high resiliency molded foam providing you with a comfortable place to cheer for your favorite team. All logos are interchangeable and this sofa can accommodate up to three logos.