Mini LFE

by Buttkicker
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A single-seat transducer with excellent musical response, from deep bass to lower mid-range, the Buttkicker Mini LFE adds amazing impact and tone perception. This product is ideal for home theater seating and requires minimal power.

The ButtKicker Mini LFE is a small, linear motor, which reacts to an audio signal sent by an amplifier. It is similar to a loudspeaker, but instead of producing noise it attaches to your theater seats and provides soundless vibrating movement to actions sounds in the movie. This is the perfect way to make you "feel" like you are in the movie! Please note that a dedicated amplifier is required for use. We recommend the BKA300 amplifier. Contact a Sales Associate for details.

3"H x 4.75"W x 4.75"D
Frequency Response
10-350 Hz
2 pounds
Nominal Impendance
4 Ohms
Power Handling
50 Watts minimum, 250 Watts maximum
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