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Movies Around the World

Reviews on films all over the world.
Author Reviews Films by His Favorite Directors

Nihon Cine Art
Japanese cinema art.
Reviews and Interviews with Japanese Directors
Underground Movies Blog

Underground UK independent movie production company.
For Underground, Micro Budget Productions
Midnight Eye

Film and book reviews in japenese cinema.
Featuring Interviews, News and Features
Pye in the Face

American based blog about everything to do with pop culture.
Author's Personal Views on Movies and Culture
The Masters of Cinema Series

English based masters of the cinema, expertise.
News and Reviews of New Blu-ray / DVD Releases
Italian Film Review

Italian review blog and cult cinema.
Movie Reviews by Many Contributors
The Nollywood Forever Blog

Nigerian and Ghanaian movies.
Movie Review Blog for NOLLYWOOD Movies
Thai Film Journal

Thai cinema blog focusing on large and small Thai films.
News and Views on Thai Cinema
Melbourne Film Blog

Film reviews, news and discussions by Australian author.
Focus on Indie Cinema from Around the World