Ergonomics is a science and a discipline that involves the designing of an environment, such as a home or office that best fits the individual. The process of design includes the evaluation of the equipment as well as the task or job so the environment best suits the person using it. In ergonomic studies, workers and the way they correlate with the environment in which they are in are evaluated and studied. Ergonomic equipment and furniture is designed and placed in ergonomically friendly places as a way to reduce discomfort and strain felt by users. Ergonomics not only relieves musculoskeletal discomfort, stress, and tension, but helps to prevent health problems.

Ergonomics and Theater Seating

Ergonomics is applied to work environments, at the office, and at home. Applying ergonomic principles in a home theater room can provide the same benefits as when the same principles are used anywhere else. Comfortable entertainment seating is important because families spend quite a bit of time sitting as they enjoy movies. Even the best seats in movie theaters are not extremely comfortable after using them for long periods of time. Seating in movie theaters is designed for efficiency and space rather than comfort. Home entertainment seating allows for flexibility to purchase cheap home theater seating that is more comfortable whether it has been specially designed or it is just standard home theater room seating.

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A home theater room that is designed for various types of family use may simply need a sectional or recliner. Standard versions are functional, comfortable, can be matched to any decor, and are great for general use. Home theaters have increased in popularity and manufacturers are creating cheap theater seating with various options such as fold side tables and cup holders. For a dedicated home theater room, the homeowner may want to use seating which is specifically designed for that purpose. Dedicated entertainment seating is usually stuffed well enough to provide both comfort and support.

Affordable Comfort

Inexpensive or cheap home theater seating does not mean you give up quality for a low price. It simply means you get quality at a more affordable price. This seating can be found with options for both power and manual reclining. It can also be made in various fabrics to match the homeowner’s needs and home decor. Microfiber entertainment seating resists spills which allow for easier cleaning. Leather is a popular option which provides comfort and is easily able to be cleaned. There are other fabric options which will also help keep costs low such as vinyl/leather match.

Homeowners with limited space may want to consider alternative forms of entertainment seating. By finding ergonomic furniture that can take up less space, can recreate the look of an actual movie theater, and may even be more affordable, homeowners can create a home theater room that is both comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

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Ergonomics for Children and Gamers

Remember children when considering ergonomic home theater seating as well. They need something designed specifically for them. Gaming chairs are also a great addition as they are designed for that purpose and make video gaming much more comfortable for users. Distance also makes a big difference in an ergonomically designed home theater room.

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Arranging Theater Seating

To fit ergonomic principles, home theater room seating should be aligned properly so viewers have an optimum viewing distance. The horizontal angle for viewing should be 30 degrees. The vertical angle should be 15 degrees below the horizontal. Seating distance should generally be 1 and a half to two times the width of the screen so make sure to place theater seats accordingly. The number of regular viewers and space are other things that should be taken into consideration. The room should have plenty of seating but not so much that your modern man cave furniture are left unused and consuming too much space.

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Factors to Consider

Prior to choosing proper seating for the new ergonomic home theater, check the seat dimensions. Most seats should be at least thirty-six inches in width and about six-foot deep. Recliners can hug against walls which will allow the user to recline with only three inches behind the seat. The homeowner should plan for plenty of room for aisles for free movement. If there will be two or more rows, there should be at least forty-two inches between each. A riser may also be a good idea here so the viewing of those in the back is not being blocked by users sitting in front of them. Try incorporating entertainment seating that varies in firmness and softness. In doing so, friends and family will be sure to enjoy a seat that they find to be the most comfortable for them.

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Another factor to consider in the ergonomics of a home theater is where the entry door should be located. If the door is located on the side or in the back of the room, it will eliminate any distractions that may be faced while people enter and leave the room. Knowing everything the room will be used for will help in the planning process. For instance, if it is used for gaming only then you can utilize ergonomic principles to provide proper comfort. There are various ways to purchase everything you need for the perfect home theater room but no matter where you shop, keep ergonomic principles in mind.

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