Popcorn Machines & Carts

  1. Thrifty Style Popper
    Thrifty Style Popper
    Sale $339 $399
    16% Off
  2. Theater Style Pop Popper
    Theater Style Pop Popper
    Sale $399 $449
    12% Off
  3. Nostalgia 1911 Style Popper
    Nostalgia 1911 Style Popper
    Sale $399 $459
    14% Off
  4. Contempo Style Popper
    Contempo Style Popper
    Sale $399 $459
    14% Off
  5. Thrifty Style Stand
    Thrifty Style Stand
    Sale $239 $279
    15% Off
  6. Theater Style Cart
    Theater Style Cart
    Sale $345 $399
    14% Off
  7. Nostalgia 1911 Style Cart
    Nostalgia 1911 Style Cart
    Sale $349 $399
    13% Off
  8. Contempo Style Cart
    Contempo Style Cart
    Sale $349 $399
    13% Off

Movie theater popcorn and the big screen go hand in hand. The warm, buttery smell of popcorn is one of the qualities that makes a night at the movies so endearing and fun. But just because you’re setting up a home theater doesn’t mean that you have to give up theater-style popcorn. At TheaterSeatStore.com, we want to ensure that you never lose that nostalgic feeling. How can a theater seat store do that? By offering a selection of old-fashioned home theater popcorn machines for sale.

While theater seating is our specialty, we also pride ourselves on providing our customers with items that enhance their home theater experience. Our home theater popcorn machine selection allows customers to add an authentic feel to their home theaters. When you purchase a movie popcorn machine for home theaters, you can treat your friends and family to the taste of freshly popped treat as they lounge in your comfortable home theater sofas for a night of at-home, theater-style entertainment. What’s even better? Once you have a high-quality movie theater popcorn maker to complete your room, you’ll never miss the high prices and stale popcorn that come with watching movies and buying concessions at traditional theaters. As you browse our selection of home theater popcorn machines, you’ll find stationary stands, wheeled carts, and poppers. Wheeled carts and stationary stands both come with built-in storage space and a surface so that the movie theater popcorn popper can sit securely on top. The poppers are easy to use, pop popcorn quickly, and are easily maintained.

At TheaterSeatStore.com, you’ll find a great deal on a home cinema popcorn machine and stand. Although microwave popcorn is always an option, there’s nothing like the smell and taste of authentic movie theater popcorn. When looking for the best home popcorn maker for you and your theater room, there’s no need to look anywhere else online or offline. Our selection of well-made machines is just a click or phone call away. Don’t wait another minute when it comes to making your movie theater experience as thoroughly enjoyable as possible. Contact us today for any questions about our theater popcorn machines, ordering, or free delivery.