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  1. 7 3/4" Height Home Riser Platform
    7 3/4" Height Home Riser Platform
    From $279 $379
    27% Off
  2. 14 1/2" Height Home Riser Platform
    14 1/2" Height Home Riser Platform
    From $299 $399
    26% Off
  3. Home Theater Riser Kit
    Home Theater Riser Kit
    From $195 $229
    15% Off

If you are in the process of designing your home theater room, you will most definitely want to include a raised platform for your theater seating. These type of platforms are called risers, and there are many considerations concerning the dimensions and height that need to be adequately accounted for.

Home theater seating riser height is primarily determined by the seat dimensions and secondly by the placement of the screen. This raised platform will ensure everyone has the best viewing angle for the show and give your cinema room a truly authentic style. Here you can purchase pre-built risers that will work within the most common seating dimensions, and that will also best accommodate your Octane seats. Each of these products lists the home theater seating riser dimensions so you can plan how many seats per row will suit your layout. The risers here come in two different heights - 14.5" and 7.75" - which are two standard sizes that we have found to work universally well with most home theater seats. Make sure you design your seating plan and give careful considerations to your needs before you order.

As always, our helpful expert support staff is available to assist you with any riser height or layout questions you might have. Call us right now!