Looking to create the best home theater seating experience possible? Consider that the positioning of your theater furniture can be the single most important aspect of your home theater. There is an entire art of strategically designing the layout of your room so that all of your viewers have a superior entertainment experience. Experts constantly discuss where to place your home theater speakers but few have offered advice on how to position your seating.

All too often individuals arrange home theater sofas and home theater loungers on the back wall of their home theater or in the dead middle of the room, the two worst positions available. Bass frequencies tend to build up at the walls and disappear in the middle. A little research can go a long way in strategically laying out your home theater sofa in a position that best fosters quality listening and viewing.

The best positions for viewing and listening depend upon the number of seats you want to implement, the size of your screen and the sound system you’re using, so plan ahead. A little bit of research and preparation can play a big role in ensuring your system and your home theater sofa are working together.


Your movie theater furniture should ultimately be designed for comfort. The serious home theater enthusiast will undoubtedly purchase home theater sofas, loveseats, and recliners that are sturdy and comfortable but it is important to keep your audience in mind.

A high-quality leather home theater recliner is a very comfortable option unless your wife is constantly reaching over the armrest to hold your hand. A home theater sofa or sectional would be a more comfortable option if you are trying to get cozy with a significant other. Perhaps you have children who would be more comfortable in a home theater lounger built to their size. Today’s theater furniture options accommodate for all sizes and dynamics. Recliners commonly offer ‘loveseat’ options where there is no center armrest.

The point is that comfort may not be the same for everyone, keep this in mind when making your home movie theater furniture selections.


Do not forget to consider the size of the room when selecting your home movie theater furniture. A large home theater sofa may fit perfectly in one room but congest and cramp another. Select home theater loungers and furniture appropriate to the space available to you.

The size of your home movie theater furniture will also affect the sound quality in the room the smaller the size the less interference you are bound to have. Know the dimensions of your theater before purchasing your furnishings. One to select the models that you like and view them in the configuration that best suits your theater room.


As I am sure you are aware by now, home movie theater seating can be an expensive investment. Home theater sofas and home theater loungers can be surprisingly expensive. Create your budget before shopping and try not to stray from it. Do your research. Financing options are now also readily available for this type of furniture too.

There are seating options available under $499 that could be perfect for your set up. Building your theater one step at a time and purchasing home theater furniture piecemeal may be an option individuals with a tight budget and high standards.


They say God is in the details, they also say the devil is in the details, any way you look at it a few small accessories can set your theater above the norm. Home movie theater furniture can be purchased with additional luxurious features that will make your theater the talk of the town. Light-up cup holders, armrests, and man cave seats are just a few options that can bring your theater out of mediocrity.

Adding an old-fashioned popcorn machine or a concession stand are popular accessories for the advanced home theater. Home movie theater furniture is also available in the design of your favorite sports team.

Branding your home theater sofa in your favorite team’s colors and logo is a great way to make your theater memorable and unique.