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Movie Themed Carpets

Our movie theater carpet selection is the most authentic, high-quality product money can buy. You can bring the full “going out to the movies” experience into your own home or you can re-vamp any commercial theater into looking brand new. Consider installing one of our Movie themed carpet selections. Whether it be going on an afternoon family movie trip or taking a significant other to a romantic dinner and a movie date, we can bring those experiences right to your own home.

You will surely be satisfied with our authentic movie-themed carpets like Blockbuster which features film reels, director’s slates and antique cameras. We also feature some bright and colorful themes like Theater District or Hollywood Graffiti that will liven up any commercial cinema or home theater. More and more households are considering adding home theaters, and our carpets are unmatched in bringing the ambiance, excitement, and experience of a movie theater right to your basement. Our carpets are made with 2-ply premium nylon fibers treated with a Teflor protectant and stain protector allowing your carpet to stay perfect for many years. The intricate patterns will bring a sense of nostalgia and excitement to your friends and family as they take a seat in your home theater recliners, or to your guests as they file into your theater.

Our carpet suppliers are the best in the industry and our collection is backed by a solid 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. We offer Free shipping and a requirement of 230 sq-feet or more of carpet. Supplying the highest quality product is very important in creating the true essence of a cinema and we guarantee that we do. Support your love of the cinema by buying one of our high quality, exciting and affordable carpets. Take the next step and purchase one of our quality carpets.