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  1. leather dual reclining loveseat
    Power Recline
    Turbo XL700 Loveseat  by Octane Seating
     Black Italian Top Grain Leather or Bonded Leather
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    Sale from $1,858 $2,475
    25% Off
  2. black leather reclining couch
    Power Recline
    Turbo XL700 Sofa  by Octane Seating
     Black Italian Top Grain Leather or Bonded Leather
    Quick Ship
    Sale from $2,487 $3,315
    25% Off
  3. leather living room sets in genuine black leather
    Power Recline
    Turbo XL700 Collection  by Octane Seating
     Black Italian Top Grain Leather or Bonded Leather
    Quick Ship
    Sale from $929 $1,235
    25% Off

Home Theater Sofas

If truly want to make the best home theater experience you can, then any of our Octane sofas will make that happen. Each reclining couch has plenty of amazing features highlighting comfort and convenience. Their cushioning is made with a high-density foam core and a memory foam seat topper that creates a luxurious seat. Relaxing comes easy as you recline back and enjoy the highly useful accessories. We offer a range of different styles and reclining functions so finding a new couch that meets your needs is easy. Whether you are looking for a sofa loveseat equipped with plenty of storage space or a massaging sofa couch with multiple reclining functions, we have it all. Check out some of the best reclining sofas made by Octane Seating and we are sure you will find one you love.

Couches For Sale

  • Flash HR: The Flash HR is a recliner sofa that looks amazing in any living room or basement space with its simple design that compliments any room. The Flash has a full-body reclining system as well as a motorized headrest allowing you to cycle through many seating positions and viewing angles until you find that sweet spot. With tons of built-in accessories like cupholders and USB ports, the convenience level is at an all-time high when watching a movie or just sitting down to relax.
  • Azure LHR: This luxury sofa stands out among the rest with its beautifully designed diamond stitch seatback. Not to mention the state-of-the-art three motor reclining system. Control the full-body recline, adjustable headrest, and lumbar support system to help your entire body completely relax. The sofa is also equipped with a middle drop-down console featuring a charging station, dual reading lights, a wood laminate table, and plenty of other highly useful features that you will come to enjoy daily.
  • Epic LHR Massage: When it comes to luxury sofas the Epic is up there with the best. It has a therapeutic heat and massage system built-in with 5 different functions that target specific pressure points to relax every muscle in your body. On top of that, the fully functional reclining system with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support system will add to that relaxation allowing you to find comfort as you’ve never felt before.

Standard Sofa Features

  • Power Recline: Our couches with recliners built in are consistently comfortable and easy to use. The full-body power recline brings the seatback down as the leg rest is lifted which distributes the weight evenly throughout your body. When you recline back, this allows your muscles to take a break as well as your mind, putting you in a state of comfort and deep relaxation.
  • Middle Drop-Down Console: Our Octane recliner couches are each equipped with a drop-down middle console presenting an array of useful features and accessories that improve your entire experience. There is a charging station featuring a wireless charging pad, a 110V power outlet, and USB ports. Dual reading lights drop down over the top with a magazine pouch to accompany them. The cupholders and wood laminate table make for a safe place to enjoy a beverage and snack. The world of relaxation just opened upgraded to a whole new level that you can experience for yourself.
  • Accessory Dock: All of our Octane sofas and loveseats feature an accessory dock located on the armrests. This dock allows you to attach different Octane accessories including tray tables, wine glass holders, snack bowls, reading lights, and phone/tablet holders. These attachments are designed to improve your overall experience boosting that necessary convenience you didn’t know you needed.

Additional Sofa Features

Some of our models come equipped with unique reclining features and added functions that make for an even more comfortable and enjoyable sofa. These innovative functions will exceed your expectations and open you up to a whole new world of relaxation.

  • Power Headrest: Owning a couch with a power headrest will do wonders for neck and back pain. Giving your head that extra support will take the unnecessary strain off of your neck allowing your mind and body to wind down. This feature also allows you to keep a good viewing angle while reclining back so you can watch movies as comfortably as possible.
  • Power Lumbar: Included in some of our luxury sofas the power lumbar system is located on the lower back of the seatback. It adjusts your posture and straightens your back. This helps prevent future back pain and will make it easier for people with back soreness or aches to get as comfortable as possible.
  • Heat and Massage: The benefits that our heat and massage system provide for not only your muscles but your mind are truly impressive. It’s designed to focus on pressure points within your back easing your muscle tension, reducing your heart rate, and increasing blood flow. As your body is being put at ease you will go into a deep necessary state of relaxation you will come to love after a long day.

Unboxing and Assembly

Octane doesn’t just provide you with the highest quality sofas and loveseats available but they also simplify the shipping, unboxing, and assembly process to make it the most convenient for you. All you need to do is take the piece of furniture out of its box then place the bottom chair where you would like it to be located. Once that’s done simply slide the backrest into its designated slot where you will hear a click, and then it's secured tightly. Next, turn the piece of furniture onto its side back or front, and install the rubber feet onto the legs. If you have a powered headrest or lumbar model then plug in the cable located on the back of the seat. This whole process is incredibly simple and takes less than 5 minutes to have your new seating set up and ready to be relaxed in.

Edited by Max Pinch.