Concession Counters & Cases

  1. Royal Candy Case
    Royal Candy Case
    Sale $1,579 $1,999
    22% Off
  2. Pylon Candy Showcase
    Pylon Candy Showcase
    Sale $2,299 $2,899
    21% Off
  3. Headline Candy Case
    Headline Candy Case
    Sale $1,579 $1,989
    21% Off
  4. Candy Master Case
    Candy Master Case
    Sale $1,499 $1,899
    22% Off
  5. Hardwood Concession Counter
    Hardwood Concession Counter
    Sale $3,425 $4,289
    21% Off
  6. Hardwood Concession Stand
    Hardwood Concession Stand
    Sale $3,039 $3,799
    21% Off
  7. Deluxe Ticket Booth
    Deluxe Ticket Booth
    Sale $1,029 $1,289
    21% Off
  8. Ticket Booth
    Ticket Booth
    Sale $799 $999
    21% Off

Home theater stores generally do not have a large selection of home concession stands and home theater candy cases to choose from. At Theater Seat Store we have a range of concession stands for either Home Entertainment or actual theaters. These stands have counter tops and under-counter storage for displaying saleable items or freebies for friends. Adding authenticity to a home entertainment room furniture can be tremendous fun, but it is also useful for smaller rural theaters that are looking for a reasonably priced home theatre concession stand to sell their theater food items from.

Theater Seat Store currently stocks many styles of home theater concession stands. The hard wood concession counter is crafted from hardwood solids and veneers and is available in grain colors including Vermont Maple, American Cherry, Indian Cherry, Scandia Maple, and Special Mahogany. The counter has a display section beneath the top surface. A door in the back offers convenient loading and unloading of displayed goods. This item has a film strip applique decal which is optional, but attractive. The dimensions of this piece are 38 inches high, forty-nine inches wide and twenty-two inches deep.

Another hard wood concession counter has a center candy case in a variety of colors, such as Satin gold, satin silver, black, polished gold, and polished silver. The concession candy cabinet is lockable and accesses via the front lock. Wood grain colors are varied and include, including Vermont Maple, American Cherry, Indian Cherry, Scandia Maple and Special Mahogany.

You can browse our massive collection of concession stands at Theater Seat Store to see which one you prefer for your theater or home theater.