Sofa & Loveseat Sizes

Many factors weigh into buying new home furniture, one of those being space. We offer three different sizes with our Octane sofas & loveseats meaning, no matter the space you are trying to furnish, we have a solution for you. Our big & tall series, space saver series, and standard size series, all offer some excellent models that feature reclining functions, innovative features, and useful accessories. Not to mention each model has a unique design that gives your environment that touch of style you have been looking for. Furnish your space with a product that will not only fit it perfectly but show you brand-new ways to experience comfort and relaxation at home.

Big & Tall Sofas

If you have had trouble with fitting in your furniture in the past, Octane has a solution, being their large sofas and loveseats. The models are ergonomically designed and also have special modifications making the big couches able to fit anyone comfortably. A sturdy metal and wood frame, a taller backrest, longer reclining position, a wider seating area, and wider armrests create a relaxing space anyone can enjoy. With an oversized sofa like this, comfort is the main component. Sink back into the big couch or loveseat and enjoy your new home seating experience.

Large Couch & Loveseat Models

  • Force HR Max: This oversized loveseat and sofa model creates a customizable seating experience with its full body recline and adjustable headrest. You will easily find the best seating position and viewing angle with the touch of a button. The high-density foam cushioning and memory foam seat topper add that extra boost of superb comfort you have been looking for. Having a 400-pound weight capacity frame allows anyone to enjoy this seat comfortably.
  • Vega LHR Max: If you are looking for a big comfortable couch, then the Octane Vega is exactly what you need. A 400-pound weight capacity frame, 47.25-inch backrest, 26.5-inch seating area, and a 73 inch long reclining position create a large and comfortable seating area. With a beautiful diamond stitch design, the Vega brings comfort and style together. It has a top-tier reclining system featuring a full-body recline, lumbar support, and an adjustable headrest. The Vega is a must-have if you are looking for big and tall furniture.

Space Saver Sofas

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking to order some new furniture without taking up too much space, then check out some of our small sofas and loveseats. Without impeding on the luxurious comfort, our small sofa and loveseat model is split into two horizontal sections, one sizable upper section and one smaller lower panel for lumbar support. Both the small loveseat and sofa are built with a console with tons of great features. The loveseat console has two storage compartments, cupholders, and a reversible wood laminate table. The small reclining sofa has a middle drop-down console featuring reading lights, a charging station, and much more. You will be impressed by both the comfort and convenience Octane provides with their models so check them out.

Standard Size Sofas

Octane has some incredibly well-designed models with innovative features. These standard-size models all have unique designs, exemplary reclining functions, and great features. This section has our most models when it comes to size, each being a standard sofa size that will fill out any space well. No matter the environment you are trying to furnish, we are sure there is a reclining couch or loveseat that will catch your eye.

Standard Size Reclining Sofa and Loveseat Models

  • Azure LHR: The Azure may be one of our most well-designed models with a diamond-stitch seatback and a luxury reclining system. You will have the ability to adjust three separate motors controlling the headrest, lumbar support system, and full-body recline. The Azure has tons of excellent upholstery options that really highlight a room perfectly.
  • Novo LHR Massage: With the Novo reclining loveseat and sofa models, you will be getting an exceptional heat and massage system. Take a seat in the high-density foam cushioning turn on the massage system to relax your muscles and eliminate any stress. It has an authentic movie theater design, perfect for your basement or home theater space. Check out the different upholstery options and colors of the Novo and we are sure you will fall in love.

Edited by Max Pinch.