Best Sectional Brands

With all the home furniture options across the expansive space of the internet, making a final decision to purchase may prove to be difficult. At TheaterSeatStore, we completely inform the customer about the product they are getting, provide just the right amount of options to make the best decision possible, and offer the highest quality brands. Our best brand sectionals provide the most important aspects of home furniture being comfort, style, and convenience. Our various models range in styles, from sleek and modern to traditional and simple. We can guarantee that our various sectional brands offer models that will look great in your basement, home theater, or entertainment space while also providing a comfortable place to sit and relax with your family and friends. Take a look at our best reclining sectional brands and bring your home entertainment to the next level.

Octane Seating: Octane remains one of the best quality sectional brands due to their high-level innovation, commitment to comfort, and creating value for the user. Each of their models has a state-of-the-art reclining system, highly useful features, and a unique style. You won’t find better entertainment sectionals in terms of providing you with conveniences you wouldn’t normally get. Charging stations including USB ports, wood laminate tables, deep storage compartments, LED lighted cupholders, and reading lights are just a few of the accessories you can choose to add to these sectionals. Depending on the model you decide on, luxurious functions such as heat and massage, adjustable headrests, and lumbar support systems will be at your disposal. Read about a few featured models from one of our high-quality sectional brands below.

  • Turbo XL700: The Octane Turbo provides a reliably comfortable sectional featuring a full-body reclining system. The high-density foam cushioning and memory foam seat topper gives you that boost of comfort as you take a seat. The turbo has a simple yet good-looking design, working well in any environment like home theaters, media rooms, or basements. Check out the many benefits of the Turbo here.
  • Azure LHR: The Azure brings style and luxury together with its beautiful diamond stitch seatback, three-motor reclining system, and useful accessories. This movie-quality sectional has three different reclining functions including full-body reclining, adjustable headrests, and a lumbar support system. Utilizing each function allows you to find that sweet spot of comfort every time you take a seat.
  • Epic LHR Massage: The sleek design combined with the luxurious heat and massage system makes for the perfect home sectional. Octane outdid themselves with the level of comfort you can find with the Epic. Instantly relax your muscles and relieve your stress the second you turn on the massage function and recline back. The Epic will provide you with the much-needed tension release and stress reduction daily so check out the model here.

Fortress Seating: Fortress is a good sectional brand on many different levels. Highlighting comfort and style creating some of the most appealing sectionals that seamlessly fit into any space or environment. If you are looking to fill out your home theater, create the perfect entertainment environment, or just furnish your basement, one of these Fortress sectionals will work great.

  • Belaire: This contemporary sectional offers huge hidden storage drawers, cupholders, and flip-up armrests. The Belaire offers customization through tons of colors and upholsteries to choose from so you can match your décor, style, or ambiance.
  • Matinee: The Matinee delivers customizable comfort through different upholsteries, colors, and reclining systems. You can create that perfect piece of furniture that delivers on comfort, style, and convenience that you can enjoy for a very long time to come.
  • Palladium: The Fortress Palladium features a traditional design that exudes luxurious comfort. The tufted design and nailhead trim give that appealing look from every angle. Check out the Palladium here and choose from hundreds of upholstery and color options to finally get the perfect sectional.

Edited by Max Pinch.