Seat Accessories

When designing a home theater, choosing the right room and theater seating are just the beginning of what you’ll need. To create an amazing environment that is reminiscent of classic movie theaters, you’ll need home theater accessories. Here at, you’ll find a great selection of home movie theater decor that’s available for you to purchase online. We offer a great deal with our complete “Theater in a Box” room designs, which are available at a fraction of the cost found anywhere else. In addition, we also sell items such as authrentic cinema popcorn machines, seat-shakers, trays, consoles, and many other great accessories that you’ll want to add to your home theater decorations.

Many of the accessories that we have for sale on our site will complement your dedicated home theater. Additionally, movie theater decor may even be used in your living room to bring the movie experience closer to home. Many of these products are in stock and are available for immediate shipment. Please contact our sales associates with any questions: We’d be happy to help!

Having a home theater is the ultimate in luxury indulgence. With a personal theater, you get to avoid movie theater lines, sticky floors, and the overall hassle and cost of going out to the movies. Instead, you can watch an entertaining movie on your projector or big-screen television at your leisure, any night of the week. Naturally, you still want to get that movie-date feel when you watch a show in your own home cinema. The best way to do this is to outfit your home theater properly with all the best in home theater accessories.

Home theater accessories can serve either a practical purpose, a decorative purpose, or both. For instance, risers and platforms can be used to allow people in the back rows of your theater to get just as good of a view as the people sitting in the front get. Having the ideal home theater layout is essential. This means you can accommodate more people and have even more friends over to enjoy your beautiful space and its home movie theater decor.

Other options for home theater accessories include movie popcorn machines. Our available popcorn poppers are both functional and practical. You can make a delicious helping of real popped popcorn, which is always going to taste better than the microwaved kind. Plus, this tastiest of home theater accessories will give your movie room a great movie theater feel when your popcorn machine is prominently on display. To add to the movie theater experience that popcorn can provide, you may want to complement the popcorn machine with your very own concession stand as well.

Additional media room accessories such as movie-themed lighting, poster marquees, and poster frames and theatre room carpet will complete the look and feel of your theater and add the perfect finishing touches. These theater room accessories really pull the room together and help you to achieve a legitimate theater feel. With home theater room decor from, you and your guests will think you have stepped into the local multiplex for a double-feature, only without the people in front of you talking through the movie!