Built-On Riser Seats

Turbo XL700 by Octane Seating
Flex HR Series by Octane Seating

There is nothing that compares to enjoying a movie in your home theater in your luxury stadium-style chairs after a long day at work. This is entertainment at its best.

One of the consistent challenges we hear from our customers is the process of building a riser or platform in a circumstance where they want more than one row. A riser will allow for the back row to be elevated so that everyone has an excellent view of the screen. Problem solved! The built-in risers are unique versions of the Flex and Turbo (best sellers) that raises the seats meant for the back row without the hassle of a full-on construction job. This way the chairs in the back row will have the necessary elevation required to enjoy the show.

The Turbo is our all-rounder that meets and satisfies all the essentials when it comes to deciding on theater room furniture. Deep arm storage, optional power recline, optional premium leather, and bonded leather and, the accessory dock for all the fun add-ons. The built-in riser version of this chair is only available for straight rows.

The Flex is a premium luxury recliner that delivers stunning good looks coupled with a diamond stitch pattern on the arms and interior seat back. The headrest is motorized and so is the recline and there is deep arm storage along with the accessory dock too. The Flex with the built-in riser is also only available for straight rows and is guaranteed to give you the best view for the show!