Product Features

One of the most exciting aspects of theater seating today is the technology. Unlike other rooms in the house, the home theater room is a haven for the latest tech and gadget features in the furniture universe. Home theater aficionados are always pushing the envelope on new feature requests and technology advancements. Everyone strives for an entertainment room experience that is immersive and pulls the viewer into the scene on the screen in front of you.

Features like power headrests are the new hot option. Previously too expensive to incorporate into furniture, now advancement in the recline mechanisms allow for better pricing bringing this luxury feature into the mainstream. Imagine reclining your seat and then pushing a button to adjust the headrest to the perfect viewing angle for you. There simply is no better way to find that perfect spot for the show. Power recline is hugely popular too and dominates the sales of all our home theater recliners. Power motors will recline the seat back and raise the footrest silently. These upgrades now are nominal and well worth the added benefits.

Lighted cup holders and base rail lighting are also huge wins for an entertainment room. Every seat can now have both these features and will enhance the entertainment experience and set the mood. The control panel located on the inside arm will turn them on or off.

Arm storage in recliners is almost a standard feature now. Remotes and TV guides have the uncanny ability to disappear all the time. End that nuisance and ensure that you never have to wonder again where they are. Storage arms also allow for the placement of other accessories that are now common on theater furniture like trays and reading lights. These accessories attach to the accessory dock located on some models like Octane Seating and then enhance the usability and function of the recliners.

Removable tray tables are a must. Consider at least one or two so that you have the ideal spot to place your laptop or dinner while you enjoy the show. There are many tray table options to choose from like walnut wood finish, aluminum, black (most popular) and glass trays. Each of these options adds their flair and experience to the evening and like storage arms, are considered to be a standard requirement today in home theaters.

USB charging ports is another feature that is now in demand given the prevalence of devices and mobile phones in our everyday life. Who wants to have to get up from your chair to charge your phone? Simply plug it into your chair and enjoy surfing the web and your email while the USB charging port does its job.