Why Are Features and Functions So Important With Sectionals?

If you are in the market for a brand new home sectional, space, features, and functionality are all probably important factors to consider before making your final decision. With any one of our Octane sectionals, you decide the specifications meaning you will get the exact product you have been after. Choose the number of seats, the seating configuration, and what featured seats you want to include. The space you want to furnish doesn’t matter because we allow you to choose the size. Our models have unique designs as well as different functionality, but we can guarantee no matter the model you choose you will be receiving an excellent home theater sectional.

Power Reclining Functions

  • Power Recline: Owning a power reclining sectional will change vastly improve the way you relax at home. Each of the Octane models comes with a state-of-the-art reclining system. Adjust the seating position of your new power reclining sectional sofa with a simple touch of a button. You can easily find the optimal seating position to enjoy a movie or show, or if you are just sitting at home and relaxing after a long day. The power reclining sectionals that we offer include plenty of other great functions and features that we are sure you will enjoy.
  • Power Headrest: Having the capability to control the position of your seat as well as your viewing angle are possible with one of our modern sectional sofas with adjustable headrest. Creating that extra head and neck support will help with any back pain or aches you might have. The functionality that a reclining sectional with power headrest has will change the way you experience comfort every time you take a seat. Check out our exceptional models here.
  • Power Lumbar: This specialized function helps tremendously with your posture and back pain. Our power reclining sectional with lumbar support has a mechanism that controls the position of your lower back. If you have trouble getting comfortable with your old couch or chairs, these sectionals provide you with the solution. As you cycle through the seatback position, headrest, and lumbar, you can easily create that optimal position you have been searching for. Check out each lumbar support sectional sofa and order today.
  • Heat & Massage: No matter the space you are trying to furnish, a sectional with heat and massage will be the perfect addition. If you are looking for a lot of seating room with luxurious comfort then any of our massage sectional models will provide just that. Each massage function is designed to pinpoint specific places on your back to relax each muscle in your body. It gives you a very easy way to completely relax and de-stress after a long day. Owning a power reclining sectional with massage will be one of the best decisions you have made.

Features That Improve Your Experience

  • Cupholders: Nothing is more convenient for movie night than having a safe place to put your beverage. Having a sectional with cup holders will bring the authenticity of a movie theater straight to your own home. Located on each armrest or within either of the consoles, the sectional drink holder will enhance your movie night immensely. There are LED lights in each arm cupholder making your drink easy to see without impeding the view of the screen.
  • Hidden Storage: Installed on each one of our sectional models is a hidden storage compartment. The armrests flip open to reveal a deep storage area. Our sectionals with storage allow you to easily put away remotes, chargers, or any other items you want out of the way. Keeping your relaxing home space organized is very important and owning a sectional couch with storage makes it easy.
  • USB ports: A power reclining sectional with USB ports is one of the best investments you can make. Having a convenient plug to charge your devices while sitting on the couch is extremely necessary. Having a sectional couch with USB port will make you question why you didn’t have that capability in the first place. Each USB port is located on the armrests for easy access. All of our sectional sofa with USB port models have plenty of other great features too so check them out.
  • Lighting: Creating the right ambiance within your basement or home theater setting can do wonders for your overall experience. Our LED light sectional models have lights both within the cupholders and base rail. The sectional lighting will bring that authentic movie theater feel. You will soon find that owning a LED couch sectional will enhance your experience every time you sit down and watch a movie.
  • Consoles: We offer two optional consoles with all of our Octane sectionals. The center console, and the middle drop-down console. The center console offers two extra storage compartments, two cupholders, and a reversible wood laminate table. It sits between two adjacent seats providing them with these necessary amenities. The middle drop-down console folds down to reveal a charging station, sectional console table, two cupholders, a magazine pouch, and dual reading lights. The charging station has USB ports, a wireless charging pad, and a 110V power outlet. Owning a sectional with console will greatly improve your relaxation time.
  • Tray Tables: Octane sectionals offer an accessory dock located on each armrest. The accessory dock allows you to attach different accessories such as snack bowls, reading lights, phone/tablet holders, and tray tables. The sectional arm table will provide a stable space to put your food, laptop, books, or any other personal items. Not only that the sectional tray table can be taken out and stored very easily.

Edited by Max Pinch.