Sofa & Loveseat Styles

While many factors like comfort and functionality are vastly important with home furniture, the style of a loveseat or sofa plays a major role. When it comes to interior design, It is incredibly necessary to get a product that blends in well with your home décor. Luckily, Theater Seat Store offers plenty of unique styles and designs from modern couches to traditional loveseats. Whichever tone you are trying to set with your Interior Decor Styles, we can guarantee we have a sofa or loveseat that will work. Octane also implements innovative features and top-tier reclining functions within each of its models. Both the loveseats and sofas come equipped with cupholders, consoles, storage compartments, USB ports, and much more. While the features are impressive, we pride ourselves on offering well-thought-out designs that add to the home theater or entertainment environment you are trying to create.


Modern sofas and loveseats demonstrate a minimalist design that will complement a similar environment. We can assure you that our large variety of contemporary sofas will exceed your expectations from both a design standpoint as well as the convenience and comfort it provides. Browse through our modern couch models and we are sure you will like what you see.

  • Azure LHR: The Octane Azure has a state-of-the-art reclining function, making this an exceptional modern sofa. It has a power recline, power headrest, and a lumbar support system so you can completely customize your seating position, find the best spot, and viewing angle for your body. The diamond stitch upholstery creates a contemporary sofa or loveseat that looks great in a modern space.
  • Bliss LHR Massage: If you want to create a luxuriously comfortable home theater space then the Octane Bliss is for you. This modern recliner sofa has a heat and massage system that will relax your entire body in an instant. It has a very subtle diamond stitch design making it look great without being too excessive and will surely bring your space together.


Traditional style sofas will bring your room a strong sense of elegance, boosting the aesthetics of your space. With a traditional couch style, the comfort and warmth of a space will be amplified, making everyone feel right at home. Our Octane traditional sofas and loveseats enhance your movie-watching experience with their useful accessories and comfortable functionality. Check out each model and finally get that traditional style sofa you have been looking for.

  • Turbo XL700: The Turbo XL700 exudes a strong sense of comfort making you want to run over and take a seat as fast as you can. This traditional sofa and loveseat model has a simplistic design, so it goes great in any space or environment. The cupholders, USB ports, and consoles provide necessary conveniences that are great when relaxing and watching a movie or show. Check out the different colors and upholsteries of one of our best traditional couches and order yours today.


Our transitional style couches showcase the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional styles. The timeless designs of each transitional style sofa combine old and new, creating that perfect balance for interior design. Each of our transitional sofa and loveseat models is equipped with state-of-the-art reclining features so it’s easy to get comfortable and relax the second you sit down. We are sure one of our Octane Seating models will exceed your expectations with their luxury upholsteries and clean stitching so make sure to check them out.

  • Flash HR: The Flash HR brings your space a beautifully designed couch or loveseat with high-density foam cushioning and a memory foam seat topper for that extra boost of comfort. Adjust the headrest for the best possible viewing angle and utilize the full body recline to stretch and relax your muscles.
  • Oasis LHR Massage: The Oasis is one of our transitional sofas that bring a high level of functionality to your home. With full-body reclining, adjustable headrests, and a lumbar support system it is easy to find a comfortable position. The heat and massage system will boost that pleasure to a whole new level, making for the best place to relax after a long day.

Low Back

Low back sofas are excellent space savers if you are trying to furnish a smaller space. While the seat back is slightly lower, each low back couch or loveseat will fit anyone very comfortably. They provide you with more clearance for lower ceilings and the back rows will have better visibility. Octane has built-in reclining, high-density foam, and memory foam built into each one of their models. Low back couches bring subtle comfort to an environment without clashing with everything around them. If you are looking for a space-saving model then check out our low back sofa collection.

High Back

Providing users with extra room due to the higher seat back, each model can fit anyone very comfortably. With that extra space, more family members or friends can fit on both the high back leather couch or loveseat. Whether you need to furnish your basement, home theater, living room, or anywhere else, an Octane high back couch is an excellent choice.

  • Magnum LHR: The Octane Magnum LHR is a couch with a high back, power reclining, an adjustable headrest, and a lumbar support system. You will have no trouble getting comfortable and relaxed when sitting down to watch a movie. The padded design complements its sleek lines offering a luxurious-looking couch or loveseat.
  • Slate LHR Massage: The uniquely designed Octane Slate has a detailed diamond-stitch design. When it comes to high back couches, they provide some of the best capabilities and functionality. This model provides users with a three-motor reclining system including full-body, headrest, and lumbar support. The heat and massage system is another great function, relaxing all the muscles in the body that anyone can enjoy.

Edited by Max Pinch.