When it comes to home sound systems, many Americans simply deal with the poor sound quality of a flat screen television, or, if they’re feeling wealthy, spend about $200 on modest improvements. However, there are people in the world – musicians, sound enthusiasts, or perhaps billionaires – willing to spend an exorbitant amount on home sound systems. There must be a lot of them, too, as there are a surprising amount of systems priced over $10,000 and more than a handful over $200,000. Many of them might argue, perhaps, that good sound is priceless, but the rest of us often scoff and wonder at these beautiful, pricey, and carefully crafted masterworks of audio technology. Without further ado, here is an updated list of the top ten most expensive home audio systems!


Estimated: $350,00

This “earthshaking, cool” system features a unique one square meter box shape and emits between 150 hertz to 23 kilohertz. Dynamikks was created in 1993 in Germany, and with its 20 years of experience, it has continued to evolve with new techniques. This speaker has a bit more of a classic look than some of the other speakers on this list!

Another German audio company, Acapella Audio Arts has offered audio solutions since 1997. The Sphäron “Excalibur” combines the Sphäron with a horn unit into one comprehensive sound system. This more classic, horn-shaped speaker system needs to be in a room larger than 40 square meters in order to perform properly. The 12-square-meter, vibrantly colored horn unit is meant to create a three-dimensional feel in its sound.

CAT is world-renown for being able to customize sound systems for any space, creating and designing sound system solutions for boats, businesses, and homes. For that reason, though it ranks low on our list, this customizable system can be as pricey as 16 million dollars depending on the need. This system can include more than 100 subwoofers. 21 channels, and 10 drivers per channel.

California Audio Tech Elite


Estimated: $500,000

These odd, elegantly curling forms are made by yet another German company, which has been building loudspeakers since the 70s, and is determined to work towards the long-term goal of mechanically representing a human perception of sound. The BM 100 uses FIRTECTM technology to separate the signal in bass, mid-range and mid-to-high range components.

Need a sound system for your castle? The Infinite Wisdom Grand from Wisdom Audio is the system for you. This system is effective in multilevel rooms, large homes, ballrooms, and – to quote the website – “palaces”. This 13-foot-tall, nearly 2 ton system is the pride and joy of Wisdom Audio, which has been serving audiophiles since 1996.

Despite this sytem’s high price tag, Goldmund International has some well-spoken, happy customers (like Mark Rosen, who interviewed with Bloomberg about how much he loved his system). For about thirty years, the company has been developing high-end equipment, like their Epilogue speakers or their Eidos players.


Estimated: $1,000,000

The Grand Enigma System was designed for an atomic cellar in Belgium. Unfortunately this bad boy is unique – only one was made. That doesn’t stop many audiophiles from going gah-gah over it. Perhaps they’ll make a new one for you… if you have good karma?


Estimated: $1,100,000

Only 10 pairs of this incredible system have been made by Florida-based Moon Audio, making it an extremely limited edition for music lovers. The system weighs about a ton, and can even persist to deliver music even if one’s ears are plugged.

higherfi audio opulence


 Estimated: $2 Million

Using “ribbon panels”, Transmission Audio’s Ultimate has received numerous industry awards and recognition for its design. Each speaker contains 40 subwoofers, and paired together, the two speakers are about 40 feet wide. The system can generate as much sound as a jet plane taking off, and can produce an output of 31,000 watts. It also comes with a 10 year warranty, for all of you who are interested in the $2 million system.

transmission audio ultimate


 Estimated: $6 Million

There are audiophiles… and then there are audiophiles. Jeremy Kipnis is the creator of the world’s most expensive home theater system. He customized his KSS 8.8 channel audio system and added Snell subs, creating a spine tingling effect of realism. This is a theater that your regional mall would be jealous of. With the price tag of $6 million, it’s the world’s most expensive home audio system!

need for speed at the kipnis studio