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Just like traditional living room furniture, home theater chairs and sofas come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. But the biggest difference in home theater furniture is the number of ways you can enhance the entertainment experience! (And we’re talking about a LOT more than just cup holders, ladies, and gentlemen.)

Power Recline

Maybe it’s not the newest feature, but it’s definitely one of our faves. Automatically recline to the touch of a button! You can start and stop the recliner in exactly the right positions for your ultimate comfort — the silent electric motor allows you to effortlessly recline to your favorite position and does not limit you to the angles allowed by a manual reclining mechanism.

blaze power unique theater seating

Motorized Headrest Recline

The new and exciting feature at the moment is no doubt power headrest movement.  Imagine the quality of your downtime when you can kick back in your chair and at a touch of a button power the angle of the headrest to the show in front of you.  This is simply custom viewing at it’s finest level.  All that’s needed next is ‘power drink retrieval’!

octane flex hr power headrest recliner

Cooled and Lighted Cup Holders

In any home theater chair, a cup holder is a given nowadays. Brands like Octane Seating, PalliserBerkline has stepped up the game by offering cooled cup holders that have an on/off switch to quickly cool the base of the cup holder, keeping your drink cold and refreshing. Many models also have the option of cup holders that are lighted from the inside — no more searching in the dark for your drink (or accidental spills)! Newer models offer this option with an on/off switch. Speaking of which…

Mind-Blowing Accessories

No category in furniture has embraced the addition of furniture accessories quite like home theater.  These accessories are combinations of optional add-on features that will significantly change the way you relax.  They include items like reading lights, cigar holders, lumbar and recliner neck pillows, wine glass holders and much more.

On/Off Lighting Switches

Ambient lighting can be powered on or off through a switch located on the same panel as the power recline. This power panel is illuminated so that users can see the panel in a dark room. Ambient Base Lighting is the newest addition to the feature list and provides a gentle glow for safe movement in the dark and adds a true “cinema” feel.

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Heat and Massage Features

Do we really have to explain why this is awesome?


If you are really looking to shake things up, try a “Buttkicker.” The Buttkicker is a silent sub-woofer that is built directly into your home theater seat frame and generates bass vibrations. This gives you a “full immersion” theater experience, where you actually feel the rumbles of the music, explosions, car chases, earthquakes, dinosaurs, rocket launches, and other special effects coming from the screen.

buttkicker mini

Bonded Leather

For a leather look without a hefty price tag, some manufacturers are offering seating options using bonded leather. It’s not actually a leather, but a synthetic material that uses less than 20 percent leather cutoffs that are processed into the synthetic material to give it a leather grain look.

It’s a very economical option for those who want the leather look without paying for the real deal, but you should understand that this material is not going to age beautifully the way leather does. We recommend spending the extra money on real leather and get the most out of your money for many years to come.  Learning how to clean furniture and maintain that beautiful leather look will become a big portion of the pride of ownership in your movie room seating.

octane nitro with accessories

Hidden Storage

One of the best trends in home theater furniture is its ability to multitask, and look great doing so. There are a massive amount of styles now offered that include hidden storage either in the armrest (most popular) or in consoles that can be placed right next to the seating. These storage compartments make the ideal location for storing tray tables, remotes and TV guides.

hidden storage in arm rest of recliner with cup holder hidden storage in armrest closed

Drop-down Backs

When space is a concern, your furniture needs to be even more flexible. Theater chairs and theater room sectionals now offer drop-down backs with cup holders — the back of the adjoining seat is folded down to reveal a flat surface with built-in cup holders. It’s a perfect makeshift side table right where you need it.


This term describes a recliner’s patented mechanism that allows your chair or media room sectional to be placed three inches from a wall and still fully recline. It’s a brilliant solution to small-space concerns of many homeowners. This need is especially important in home theaters and media rooms where space is often carefully measured and planned out.

a wall

Easy-off Back

Many people forget to measure the doorways and/or hallways that your theater recliner will have to fit through to get into your home, but manufacturers have designed many models in which the back comes off of the recliner and can be re-assembled very easily in your home. This aids not only in the ease of delivery but also reduces the weight to move the movie recliner, especially once it’s in your home.

detachable seat backs on cinema room recliners

UPS Delivery

Once your in-stock or custom order is ready to be shipped to your home, we partner with United Parcel Service (UPS) to transport your order to you. UPS’s trackable transport lets us (and you) know exactly where your new furniture is and when to expect it! If there is any delay, we will notify you by phone, mail or email.

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