If you considered yourself an ultimate fan then a team branded home theater may be an option for your home theater. Theater Seat Store offers several professional and college sporting team themed seats for your home theater. Below we have outlined a few ways to express your team loyalty through your home theater. Here are just a few ideas, there are numerous other teams and ideas available but hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing.

San Antonio Spurs Theater Seats

Let’s say you are a diehard Spurs fan and you want your new home theater to reflect your borderline unhealthy obsession. Theater Seat Store offers high-quality team branded home theater seat chairs. Select two branded recliners and add a three seat sofa in the team’s colors in the middle. Arrange the seats in an arc facing your big screen TV. Complete your temple to the Spurs by decorating your theater’s walls with framed player’s jerseys and other sports memorabilia. Viola! You now have the perfect spot to watch Tim Duncan and your other favorite players rack up the scoreboard.

New York Giants Fan Seating

Perhaps football is your sport and you want to build a room where you can watch your favorite team defend their amazing underdog Super Bowl victory. A row of three home theater recliners with the first and last seat emblazoned with the team logo and all three in NY Giant colors could be the perfect item to transform your home theater into the ultimate Eli altar.

NFL Themed Seating

If you are just a football fan in general and you do not want to theme your theater after one particular team or you do not want to make your friends sit in a chair with their rivals logo on it, general NFL logo themed seats are also available. This chair combines all the comfort of a designer theater seat with the style of the official NFL logo and colors.

Multi-Team Theater Seating

Perhaps you want a sports theme but do not want to pigeonhole yourself into one professional sport or team. Select several team themed chairs and combined them for a creative look. Developing a city theme for your home theater is one option.

Arrange sport team themed seats from one city and various sports. For example, if you want a Philadelphia theme select a Sixers chair, an Eagles chair, a Flyers chair and a Phillies chair. Decorate the rest of the room in Philly artifacts, maybe hire a designer to paint a Philadelphia cityscape on the rear wall of your theater. Be imaginative and your sports theater will quickly become part of you and your friends’ game day ritual.