Lane Furniture

Our Brands – Lane Furniture

Theater Seat Store has always been a leader in the realm of all things furniture and that is mainly because we supply customers with the best products on the market. The best products have to come from the best brands which is where lane Furniture comes in. This furniture company has a myriad of awesome features that always impresses. Not to mention the amazing leather upholstery as well as many color options allowing you to give your personal touch to their furniture.

Lane Recliners

The only Lane Furniture recliner set we offer is the End Zone 222. These seats are available in up to a row of 6 chairs and can be arranged in multiple rows straight or curved. Set up your new home theater with the insane comfort of the high-density foam cushions and sturdy materials that make these recliners last a very long time. You have the choice of either power or manual reclining that gives you tons of positioning options. These chairs also have a patented ZERO GRAVITY recline mechanism that supports your back, legs, and neck to reduce any stress. As for the features the arms have hidden storage compartments and there is an attachable accessory dock where you can attach a wine glass holder, iPad or tablet holder, snack bowl, or even swivel tray tables. With all this functionality you won’t ever need to get up out of your seat. We can even install blue LED lights within the cup holders and base rail to give more of a movie theater look and feel to these recliners.

Lane Furniture products also guarantee a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as free shipping right to your door. The seats are fully assembled and feel free to speak with one of our in-house experts about installation, measurement, or any other questions you might have. Order the home theater seating that you have always wanted and get yourself a Lane recliner set today!