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  1. The Magnolia modern recliner chairs design
    The Magnolia  by Octane Seating
     Power Recline | Top Grain Leather
    Sale $899 / seat $1,199
    26% Off
  2. The Magnolia
    The Magnolia  by Octane Seating
     Power Recline | Top Grain Leather
    From $899 / seat $1,199
    26% Off
  3. The Headliner
    The Headliner  by Octane Seating
     Power or Manual Recline | Top Grain Leather
    From $799 / seat $1,065
    25% Off
  4. The Magnolia
    The Magnolia  by Octane Seating
    + Many Colors, Options & Layouts
    From $769 / seat $1,065
    28% Off

Our Recliners in Best Buy Store

Octane Seating is one of Theater Seat Store’s most popular brands and products. We carry more Octane products than any other brand and we are proud to say that in 500 Best Buy stores across the country you can purchase one of our Octane recliners. You can easily order online as well but it’s very worth it to go to Best Buy test out the amazing recliner and get it delivered to your home right then and there. The seats are fully assembled, easy to ship, and have an excellent warranty if you decide to order online.

Featured Octane Models

Furniture shopping can be somewhat of a special event because you are purchasing something that will be sitting in your house for a very long time. You need a product that delivers on comfort, style, and functionality if you truly want a recliner that will last a very long time and always keep you satisfied. Going to Best Buy and trying out products for yourself is an excellent way to be sure you are getting the right piece of furniture. A couple of Octane models are in the store, one of them is the Headliner. This model is deeply padded and ergonomically designed to provide nonstop comfort when watching TV or a movie. The arm pads are plush and curve in tandem with your body. There are tons of color and upholstery options available like Italian Luxe Leather or Microfiber. These leathers are thick and luxurious making them extremely durable. Another model you test out for yourself at your local Best Buy is the Magnolia. This recliner comes with a power or manual recline system and an optional accessory dock to hold a snack bowl, wine glass holder, or tray table. Additionally, this model has hidden arm storage to hold any items or remotes.

These Octane recliners are very much worth trying out at your local Best Buy. Excellent product quality and customer service are a part of both Theater Seat Store and Octane Seating’s brand names so you will be extremely satisfied with one of their products. Talk to one of our experts with any questions via phone or live chat. Order or purchase your new Octane recliner today!