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When designing a home theater, keep in mind that every home has its own unique feel to it. That means finding movie theater-style seats that will best complement different interior design styles. At, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with exactly the type of theater-style seating that you are looking for to match your house’s unique decor. We even offer theater-style recliners! Our seats come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for you to choose from. You can even select which fabric best represents your look. All of these details, including minutia such as armrests and seat back shapes, go into determining which style best suits your home.

Whether you are looking for theater-style chairs that are modern and contemporary, traditional and classic, or perhaps something in between, you’ll find what you seek here at Also available are Comfort Classic-style seats for you to choose from. Browse our varied selection today and choose the seat that fits your home’s unique style and feel.


Your home theater is not complete until you outfit your room with home theater seats that are designed to maximize your experience and comfort. The right seating for your home theater adds a true cinematic feel to the room and helps movie viewers feel that they are part of the action on your television screen. While your theater’s size and your wallet may determine the type of seating you choose, we are sure that our inventory is diverse enough to enable you to find the seating that also fits your own personal style.

We carry a variety of home theater seating choices from top manufacturers such as Octane Seating and Palliser. If you are designing your home theater with traditional decor, look at our classic, traditional, or transitional lines to find the seating that fits your room. While these selections are reminiscent of times gone by, these movie theater-style seats have modern options such as power recline and massage for the luxury you require.

Our modern and contemporary theater-style chairs will fulfill your need for simple sophistication without the boring design generally thought of with a modern look. Our products from Bass and Row One bring cutting-edge designs into home theaters that will please even the biggest critics.

Enhance your small theater with our selection of space-savers from top manufacturers. Our wall-hugger theater-style seating is available with features such as footlights, vibration, and illuminated cup holders. These features guarantee maximum fun that’s ideal for rooms with minimal space. When making a purchase for rooms not limited by space, consider theater-style recliners and other theater seating in our oversized department for optimal opulence.

Customize the look of your home theater through the use of fabric and details. Microfiber or leather upholstery can complement your décor and add to your comfort. Embellishments such as nail heads allow you to enhance your theater with a touch of style from the past. Finding the right home theater room seats is a big deal, as it can truly enhance your movie experience. Our selection of quality seating is one of the best that you’ll find online, and our seats are priced to meet any budget, big or small. When you’re ready to order or if you have questions, our experts are available to help: Contact us today!

Edited by Carina Jaramillo.