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While there are a number of ways in which people can obtain entertainment, watching a television program, movie, or playing a video game are considered by many individuals to be some of the most popular. Many people rely on the use of a DVD player for their home entertainment. While a DVD player can produce satisfactory results for some, others have turned to Blu-ray technology for enhanced results. Those who are interested in purchasing a Blu-ray player should first understand how it is different from traditional DVD player. In addition, possessing a basic understanding of how it can enhance home entertainment is useful for individuals and families interested in purchasing this type of technological equipment.

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DVD Player

In order to make an informed decision when purchasing a Blu-ray player over a DVD player, it is important to understand some of the basics of both pieces of equipment. As suggested by the name, a DVD player is a machine that allows customers to watch DVD format movies on their televisions or computers. DVDs—or high-density videodiscs—were first developed in June of 1996, but were not released for sale until later that year. While the first DVD players were manufactured by Japanese corporations, they are currently produced by electronics producers around the world.

DVDs players work by shining a laser on the disc in question, which then reflects information that has been coated on the DVD back to the television or computer in the form of auditory and visual images. To function properly, a DVD player must allow the disc to spin freely within the machine. In addition, tracking devices, which tell the laser where it should go next, are essential for the optimal functioning of a DVD player. Despite being quite popular at their introduction, most fascination with the DVD player has waned dramatically over the past several years. Most consumers are now choosing to upgrade their DVD players to the more modern Blu-ray machines.

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Blu-Ray Player

Like a DVD player, Blu-ray players have been designed for use in home entertainment, and may be used to watch videos, play television games, or participate in a number of other activities. While Blu-ray technology has been around for several years, it experienced a significant upswing in popularity in 2009, when the US government discontinued the use of analog signals for television broadcast and switched to digital broadcast. While traditional DVD players were unable to record digital broadcasts, Blu-ray players turned out to be quite effective in the storage of high definition images.

Like traditional DVD players, Blu-ray machines have begun to be built-in to some television sets, preventing the need for purchase of additional pieces of equipment. In addition to being used in combination with television sets, some Blu-ray technology may be included in laptop or desktop computers. While Blu-ray players are often associated with home use, in some cases they may also function well in the realms of education, business, or even healthcare.

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DVD vs. Blu-Ray: Which is Better?

In most cases, customers will not buy both a DVD and a Blu-ray player, but will settle on one or the other; but which product is the better purchase? According to most experts, that depends on the manner in which the machine will be used. For technology buffs, Blu-ray players are clearly the better choice. The high storage abilities of Blu-rays; which, in some cases, can be as high as 50 GB, combined with their resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels means that the images provided by the machine will be crystal clear. This may be especially impressive when watching videos shot in the great outdoors, which may rely heavily on shots of animals or plants.

However, this technology may not be for everyone. In some cases, you may not want to see every wrinkle or hair shown in the movie or video game. In addition, the relatively new technology associated with Blu-ray players means that the number of videos or games available may be significantly limited when compared to the options available on DVD. Finally, as with most relatively new pieces of technological equipment, the price of a Blu-ray machine may be quite elevated when compared to that of a DVD player. Additional home theater accessories that are needed to run a Blu-ray machine, paired with the expense of the Blu-ray discs themselves, may mean that a Blu-ray player is not an option for all families.

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How Can a Blu-Ray Player Enhance Home Entertainment?

Regardless of the financial costs associated with the purchase of a Blu-ray player, many consumers may still desire this piece of technological equipment for their man cave. According to some experts, the image provided by a Blu-ray player may be of such a high quality that a personal home theater, which uses this piece of equipment, may result in an experience which is even better than one obtained in a conventional movie theater.

Similarly, some owners report that the use of a Blu-ray player in a home theater means that the experience is not like watching a movie at all, but actually watching the events happen life, in their real setting. Certain types of home theatre accessories, such as surround sound, may produce an experience that is even more dramatic from that offered by the Blu-ray player alone.

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Buying a Blu-Ray Player

As with the purchase of other pieces of technological equipment, it is often beneficial to “test-drive” the machine before actually making a commitment. Individuals who are interested in buying a Blu-ray player or certain pieces of Blu-ray theater room accessories may want to observe them in action before making a financial contribution. Talk with friends, family members, or work colleagues who already possess a Blu-ray player. In most cases, these individuals will be happy to let you view the machine in action.

By operating and seeing the Blu-ray player before buying one yourself, you can really decide if it is the right choice. Make sure to compare prices between various options to get the best deal and the best product to meet your personal and/or professional needs.

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