Berkline closed its doors over a year ago, but the legendary mark that they made in the furniture industry still lives on. Shortly after Berkline’s exit, Lane Furniture bought the rights to some of the best Berkline theater seat models and now produces an amazing hybrid of the two. There may be a few Berkline Furniture models out there in cyber space, but apart from that finding a Berkline theater seat is near impossible. If you are lucky enough to find an original one, our advice is to keep it, but in most cases we suggest considering buying Lane Furniture theater seats instead.

Berkline had creative ideas that transformed the furniture industry. Their great designs offered superior functionality. Now that Lane Furniture has taken over some of Berkline’s designs, they have integrated them into their own theater seats.

1. Great Design

  • Wallaway®: This term describes Berkline’s patented mechanism that allows your chair or sectional to be placed three inches from a wall and still fully recline. It’s a brilliant solution to small-space concerns of many homeowners.
  • EasyOff Backs: For moving your home theater furniture in, out or around your home, the original Berkline EasyOff Back design was created to save space and reduces the weight of the furniture. The removable back comes standard on recliners, sofas, loveseats, home theaters, and most sectionals.
  • Swivel Glider Recliner: The multifunction base provides full recline, glider action and 360° swivel.
  • Swivel Rocker Recliner: The multifunction base provides full recline, rocking action and 360° swivel.
  • Rock-A-Lounger: Our exclusive mechanism that can easily recline or rock.
  • EasyLift: The electric motor provides a smooth and quiet transition from recline to standing position. This is ideal for persons who have difficulty getting into or out of a chair. It comes in a two-way version that reclines to TV position and 3-way version that fully reclines.,(Available on select recliner styles only.)

2. Storage capabilities

  • Hideaway®Tables : A hidden tabletop pulls down to provide handy surface for snacks and games. Similarly, drop-down backs also feature cup holders — the back of the adjoining seat is folded down to reveal a flat surface with built-in cup holders. It’s a perfect makeshift side table right where you need it. (Available on select sofas, loveseats, and home theater styles.)
  • In-arm Storage: In-arm storage compartments store magazines, remotes and game controllers, and certain models have easy-to-clean, Hideaway tray tables that slip into the arms and pivot to use while seated.
  • Console Storage: Many of Lane’s products have large storage compartment built into the armrest for a video gaming system, plus a lower drawer for games, DVDs, CDs, etc. There is even an additional storage compartment on top for controllers and remotes. (Fits all Berkline models.)

3. Customizability

Lane’s home theater seating is modular, which makes it easy to create the perfect floor plan for your media room. Choose the exact number of seats you’ll need, and arrange them in straight or curved rows. (A special wedge-shaped table between chairs allows you to form curved rows.)

Full, large and smaller proportions: Most Lane home theater seats are full (average) size, with plenty of room to recline and relax. If your home theater seating needs to fit in a smaller area, look for our ‘smaller-scale’ styles. There are also larger-scale styles that are perfect for bigger rooms and larger bodies.

4. Comfort & Convenience options

  • PowerRecliner: Automatically recline to the touch of a button! You can start and stop the recliner in exactly the right positions for your ultimate comfort — the silent electric motor allows you to effortlessly recline to your favorite position and does not limit you to the angles allowed by a manual reclining mechanism.
  • TouchMotion II: This convenient release function offers the ease of single-touch recline.
  • ChaiseLounge: A special padding design that closes the gap between the seat and the footrest for head-to-toe support and maximum comfort.
  • ComfortRest: With this system, a mid-ottoman fills the gap between the ottoman and the front of the seat cushion, providing additional leg support.
  • Zero Gravity Mechanism: Lane’s zero gravity mechanism is a unique design that allows you to recline with ease, offering superior support for your legs, back and neck.
  • Cooled and Lighted Cup Holders: Lane has stepped up the home theater game by offering cooled cup holders that have an on/off switch to quickly cool the base of the cup holder. Many models also have the option of cup holders that are lighted from the inside — no more searching in the dark for your drink (or accidental spills)! Newer models offer this option with an on/off switch.
  • Ambient Lighting: Ambient base lighting provides a gentle glow for safe movement in the dark and adds a true “cinema” feel.
  • Power headrest: Powered, adjustable headrest lets you select the perfect position for individualized head and neck support. This allows each movie patron find just the right position for comfortable viewing

5. Warranty

Lane Furniture stands behind its products, too. The company offers a Lifetime Warranty on the reclining mechanism, wooden frame parts and spring system. In addition, Lane Furniture will pay the cost of labor and shipping /handling to repair or replace defective part(s) for one year from the date of original purchase. Here is the full warranty breakdown:

  • Recliner Mechanism: limited lifetime warranty
  • Sleeper Mechanisms: 7 limited warranty
  • Wooden Frame Components: 5 years
  • Spring and Spring System: limited lifetime warranty
  • Fabrics and Upholstery: 1 year
  • Cushioning: 3 years
  • Hideaway Components: 1 year
  • Electronic Components: 1 year