Conventional Household Home Theater Seating

Conventional household home theater seating consists of the everyday common household seating options. Sofas, loveseats, and other usual living room options can all be considered conventional household home theater seating.

Surprisingly, a large percentage of home theaters utilize this type of home theater seating. It is a convenient and cost-effective option as users can simply repurpose their household furniture for their home theater. It is also important to note that many home theater owners do not have a separate room for their equipment but build their home theater in their family rooms. When this is the case, the home theater seating must match the room décor and conventional household furniture is an appropriate solution.

Conventional household home theater seating is usually the best option for individuals trying to balance an entertainment center and the traditional look-and-feel of their family room. Of course, there are more refined options for the serious home theatre enthusiast, who has the budget for a more stylish setup.

home theater with a sectional sofa

Authentic Cinema Seating

Designed for individuals with rooms in their home exclusively dedicated to their home theater setup, authentic theater seating transforms your audience to the local cinema without the crying babies and cell phones.

Authentic theater seating provides seats that are modeled after commercial movie theater seats but are available to the public and give your modern home theater a classic touch. Authentic theater seating is often referred to as movie theater seating. This popular option can really bring the look and feel of the movies to your household. There are many different options available for customers seeking this style of seating.

While the seating style may emulate the cinema, there are authentic home theater seating options that are more comfortable than the local movie house for individuals seeking the look of authentic theater seating without sacrificing any support and luxuries of customized seating.

home theater with cinema stadium seating

Home Theater Loungers

Individuals looking for a different feel can select large lounge style home theater seating options. There are several companies offering home theater seating options. Some popular brands are Bass, Jaymar, and Palliser. There are many different options of home theater seats to choose from varying in size, style, and cost. Home theater seats are available for budgets of all sizes.

Unlike authentic theater seating, home theater seating includes sectionals, movie theater gliders and sofas able to accommodate several people. Home theater seating is immensely popular among serious home theater enthusiasts.

Home theater seating provides a media viewing experience with superior comfort and support. These seats can be complemented with an abundance of accessories and additional features from cup holders to footrests to complete your home viewing experience.

octane mega home theater loungers

Custom Theater Seating

If none of the above options interest you, perhaps custom theater seating is right for you. There are a few companies who provide customized seating options. This option is only limited by your imagination and your budget. While custom theater seating may be ideal for the imaginative buyer looking for a unique style, options can be very expensive and building your seating can take time.

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